Said just like Dwight K. Shrute says, "Bears.Beets.Battlestar Galatica."

Don't get me wrong, I am not a meat loooover. But I eat it.

I didn't always eat it. I was kinda grossed out by hamburger in ninth through twelfth grades because my biology teacher showed me meat with worms in it one day.

I am pretty sure my mom appreciated that as I ranted and raved about how disgusting meat was, hamburger in particular {and I seemed to be a little more okay with small chunks of it opposed to slabs of it in a hamburger per se}. But somehow, I got over it {I think because my mom convinced me that to run well, I needed protein}.

Anyway, I still feel a little bit badly for the little animals who die so I can run fast. ;) But I try to forget about it.

Unless I cannot forget about it because the TV show I am watching is saying how horrible meat eaters are. And how we should all be Vegan.

But then I feel better when a random man rebukes this we.must.all.be.vegans. theory by saying, "There are many animals in this life that have very, very happy lives, but just have had one bad day."

And then I laugh and realize I can and will eat meat.

And then I also am reminded of the commercials I see on the television set about poor little animals, with Sarah Mclaclan singing in the background. And I want to donate my monies to them.

But then I pontificate, "How on this green earth could I ever justify saving an adorable little animal's life when there is a HUMAN life over in Africa I could be saving instead?"


Also said like Dwight K. Shrute says, "Bears.eat.beets. Bears.beets.Battle Star Galatica."

And then that reminds me of how in my high school psychology class with Como, he told a horrific story about little monkeys being used to test out infant and toddler car seats. Como would say how the poor little monkeys sometimes would be thrashed into walls in defected car seats.

In my grown-up years, I wonder if this story is even true.

Buuut in my high school years, particularly and only on the day he told me this story, I about shed a tear in the horrific treatment of animals. But then Como said, "Some of you are feeling pretty badly for the monkeys right now, and that is understandable. But I say if that is going to save my child's life - kill all the monkeys you want."

I learned then that Como felt the same why I did also. Humans.trump.animals.

And I hope it goes without saying that humans clearly trump aliens too ... Especially ones that want to kill humans. Oh, and plants too. Humans definitely trump plants.

And then I think, "Why do we spell monkeys M-O-N-K-E-Y-S instead of M-O-N-K-I-E-S"?

But back to those commercials about little animals suffering ... if I could get a kitten that would stay a kitten, I would. But alas, they grow up and ... are no longer kittens. And I don't want a cat. I want a kitten.

And then I think, "Wow. This blog post sure has gone on a tangent! I should probably award my readers 50 gold stars for making it through!" And I will.

And then that reminded me of something, but I stopped typing to go talk to someone and now I don't recall what it reminded me of at all.

Dirty darn.

Dirty darn indeed.

And now I will go to a service project, collecting food for the local food pantry. I think I am going to donate a can of pears as well.

Peace out, peeps.


Meg said...

I'm here to collect my 50 gold stars. :) I wouldn't say I love meat, either. But I like it enough I would have a hard time giving it up.

Kat said...

ok correction. Actually it wasn't dwight shrute. It was Jim, pretending to be dwight shrute. But, you are right! I totally know what it's like. I watched Food Inc., and it made me go vegetarian for like 3.2 hours. Then I realized that I'm totally brainwashed and I'll eat it. Also, I am a heroin addict. And why didn't you tell me I spelled heroine wrong?! Like I love female heroines! Come on, Mindy. Help a girl out.

Melissa said...

I read the whole thing. And it made me laugh (do I get more gold stars if I laughed?) I like meat and Dwight K. Shrute.

Avree said...

You're kind of crazy.

I love meat. I like/tolerate animals. I don't think people should be cruel to animals but I also think they're here to be useful to humans.

Mike said...

Lucky for us, Sarah's commercials do not feature any animal that I would want to eat. And Kat already pointed out my other comment. 550 more please.

Natalie Willmore said...

Hmmm...somehow I get the feeling that this post was inspired by Oprah's latest episode of going vegan. Am I right? At least that's where the "one bad day" quote came from.
I enjoy meat as well :)

michelle said...

The word I'm looking for is AMEN. To humans trumping animals, to dreams of kittens staying kittens and to quoting The Office to ensure the post is read correctly. Well said, Mindy. Well said.

jill said...

I agree humans trump animals...but, I have seen the monkey carseat testing videos, and they are pretty sick. Actually most videos I saw in Medical ethics were pretty sick.

Shan said...

Sad thing about the monkeys. Too bad we can't all live. ;)

Burke and Emily Adams said...

Ha! This is just to prove I read your blog and enjoy it immensely...even tangent-like posts.

Allred Mom said...

I heart the tangent...I just wish you had remembered what you had been reminded of....I could still be reading! Instead, I get gold stars!

Marina said...

I wish kittens would stay kittens too. Or that I could have a miniature giraffe like this one:


Jamie and Brad said...

Do you know that I still won't eat chicken off the bone thanks to a high school biology class, it's true. We had to cut up a chicken leg and identify different things and I have never to this day eaten chicken off the bone.

DeeAura said...

Aaaand now I need to watch the Office. THANK YOU. :)

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