Gold Stars ... she got a lot them!

In fact, she has the most ...
Look how ecstatic she was when she found out she won! She lives in Wyoming. Can you tell? Because everyone who is wearing a cowboy hat, even if just momentarily is from Wyoming, right?

I met Meg nine or so years ago when we were in the same ward. Meg was assigned as my visiting teacher. While I have been assigned visiting teachers for the last 10.5 years of my life - Meg and her companion still to this day are only one of two visiting teachers that have actually ever come. To this day, it still means so much to me to have visiting teachers that school year.

I can remember one day in particular where my heart was heavy. I returned to my apartment late at night, just defeated in almost every way possible. It was a night where I wondered about my significance in this great big world. As I opened the door and walked in I saw on our counter top a plate of cookies with my name on them, with no note saying who they were from.

I almost cried in gratitude that someone would do something so kind for me.

I still do not remember how I finally figured out it was Meg that left me a little bit of sunshine on that dark day. But it really wasn't too difficult. That's what Meg does. She brings light into darkness with her tender, gigantuous heart.

Sooo, it is with great pleasure that I announce the third winner of the annual Gold Star competition is my dear friend, Meg! Congratulations and I sure do love ya!

And remember, to earn gold stars you:

1. Leave comments {each comment is worth 25 stars}

2. Be a follower of this blog {worth 1,000 stars annually}

3. Answering poll questions on the right side bar {I sometimes slack in this department}

4. I will sometimes randomly award stars in the middle of my posts for reading. So it pays to read my blog ... only in gold stars - but still. :)

Again congrats, Meg! And good luck to the rest of you this upcoming year!


Avree said...

Congratulations to Meg on her outstanding achievement. I hope she will represent the Avree Award (that's what it's called right? Since I won it first?) well this year.

P.S. I love your "previous gold star winners" section. It makes me feel/know that I am very important.

Allred Mom said...

Congratulations to Meg. I have a feeling that Mike will be very upset! He tried hard to break the woman dominating Gold Star Winners list! Maybe next year, Mike! Of course, there are a lot of us trying to stop you as we want to win! :)

Meg said...

Thanks, Mindy. You are so sweet.

Avree, I'll do my best. :)

Shan said...

Dang, I tried so hard! Congrats Meg.

Jamie and Brad said...

Congratulations to Meg!
Let the battle of Gold Stars begin!

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