The dentist ...

I was informed recently that there is a very high suicide rate in the profession of dentistry.

Not surprising, really.

I mean, I hate loath going to the dentist.

You hate going to the dentist.

Your mom hates going to the dentist.

Who doesn't hate going to the dentist?

While I could go into one kjillion things that I hate about what happens while visiting the dentist, this post isn't going to be about what happened there. It is going to be about what happened afterwards ...

Even though all that went down was a regular cleaning, x-rays, and a flouride treatment, as soon as I got home I got uber dizzy and thought I was going to pass out or die. You can never be to sure which. :)

I laid down on the couch and sought for advice ... via a Facebook status.


Being the impatient soul I am and not getting an answer within 37 seconds, I began thinking of who I could call and speak to about my concern {99.5% convinced that x-rays and flouride could not cause me to pass out, but only having my pseudo MD, opposed to a DDS or DMD}.

And then of course it hit me. Dennis the dentist.

I'm not lying.

I really do have a friend Dennis the dentist {would now be the appropriate time to tell you I have a friend named Art the architect? Okay, that one is a lie}.

In high school Dennis was one of my closest friends. But back then I didn't call him Dennis. I called him Kemo. And so did everyone else.

Except Amber. She just called him Dennis.

Amber is now Dennis' wife. This is important because Amber is one of my most favoritest people on the entire earth {and she has been for the last 14 years or so}. So much in fact that when I call Dennis the dentist, I actually call Amber instead.

Dennis, via Amber, informed me that the fluoride treament nor the x-rays could have caused my near passing out experience. Whatev. I believe Dennis the dentist ... but, I still think this injustice was brought upon me somehow by my visit to the dentist {not Dennis the dentist, my dentist whose name is not Dennis. Dennis would be my dentist if he didn't live in flippin' Texas. But he does. So he isn't}.

Somehow Amber and I went from talking about Mindy passing out to Sheri Dew. Probably spured on by this post.

Said Amber, "Why don't you like being compared to Sheri Dew?"

My response was similar to, "Wellll, this is what I figure. I am not a CEO of a major company. I have never had a number one best selling book. I have never been in the general Relief Society presidency, nor worn a dress-suit. Sooooo, the only way I can fathom I remind people of her is that I am old. And single."

Amber said some really nice things, which shall not be repeated here, for I fear you will think I made them up. ;) But she did say, "Mindy, you don't remind me of Sheri Dew. You remind me of you."

Which was the most favorite thing said to me that day.

Until Dennis said this in the background, "Actually, Sheri Dew reminds me of Mindy."

And then that became my most favorite thing said to me that day.

And that is why this post exists today, so you can know that I remind Amber of me and Sheri Dew reminds Dennis of me. And that sentence makes me feel like I might be self-absorbed. Which reminds me of a comment that was made to me about three weeks ago.

I was informed that I was self-centered because my Facebook profile was all.about.me. I posed the question through a FB status who should my Facebook account be about and Avree informed me it should be about her. Still workin' on that one, Aves.

Well, enough of me talking about me. I think it is time for YOU to talk about me. ;)

Peace out, peeps. :)

*** I am currently on my second Spring Break of the season. Fantastic. :) Oh, rat crap. That was me talking about me again! Selfish! Is anyone else having a problem with blogger keep paragraphs separated? Does that make sense?


Jamie and Brad said...

Dennis the Dentist is right but I think that actually Sister Sheri Dew deep deep down wants to be Mindy. I mean who wants to wear pant suits and be CEO when you could wear jeans and Aggie Blue and cheer for the greatest, most amazing college basketball team ever!?! I bet she's a Cougar too which makes you even cooler!

Mike said...

I really don't mind my trips to the dentist very much...

And I am bored. And glad I have your blog to take away that boredom.

cami said...

I too think you dress cooler than Sherri Dew. Just sayin'

Meg said...

I find it quite entertaining that someone thinks your facebook shouldn't be about you. I'm sure no one else on facebook ever puts on anything about themselves. That would just be silly.

Although, that did just give me a great idea: to explain why I am not on facebook I'll just tell people I'm not self-centered enough. :)

Avree said...

Yes I've been wondering why I haven't been on your facebook status more often. Sorry about the fainting, maybe your blood sugar was low?

Melissa said...

First of all, I love my dentist. He's witty, smart and easy on the eyes. Okay, okay, he's my husband. My husband has a blog and has blogged about this topic before (the suicide thing, not passing out...or Sherry Dew)

Here's the link:

My dentist (hubby) thinks that maybe you passed out because you loathe your dentist. Higher stress, elevated blood pressure could result in you almost fainting. I think you need a new dentist! :)

And besides, dentists are okay, it's endodontists that are scary.

Debbie said...

As one of your lurkers, I decided to actually comment on this one...

Going to the dentist really doesn't bother me. Honest. I agree with Melissa's hubby that maybe just the fact that you don't like going to the dentist contributed to the faintness.

And... I LOVE Dennis the Dentist! He is very witty. And Amber the dentist's wife. If you had posted all the nice things she said I would definitely believe she said them. She always has good things to say about people. They are some of my favorite people, and would be even if I wasn't related to them.

And even more... I doubt Sheri Dew spends much time running... or bungee jumping off impossibly high buildings... or awarding golden stars. You are you. I am me. Sheri Dew is someone else.

Shan said...

How in the world did you get 2 spring breaks and darling you don't remind me of Sheri Dew. I

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