The Angry Mr. Achilles

Welllll, the time has come.

For the Angry Mr. Achilles to go to anger management.

After giving me grief off and on since the beginning of 2003, he is finally remembering how to play nice.

The Angry Mr. Achilles on his way to anger mangagement.

And I couldn't be happier! I have gone on two runs since Wednesday with absolutely no pain in my tendon {not during the run, not after the run!}. I had forgotten what it feels like to run without pain - and it is wonderful!

The Angry Mr. Achilles learned how to control his emotions through acupressure, oddly enough {after countless failed attempts from multiple physicians, medical and athletic professionals}. And now the Angry Mr. Achilles is quite pleasant and pleasing to me. So much in so, that if he keeps this up, he probably will get a new name soon!

And not only is the Angry Mr. Achilles playing nice but my mom bought me Fritos and nacho cheese dip! AND: she is making me one of my favorite dinners I have been craving since Thursday {and she didn't even know I had been craving it!}.

Today is a good day. Even if one of the speakers in Church was talking about hickies {no lie}.

What are the three best things that have happened to YOU today? :)


Meg said...

Wonderful news! I'm glad Mr. Achilles isn't acting up anymore. I hope he keeps his anger in check.

Three best things for me today:
1-My first time conducting Primary went quite well. I only forgot two things I was supposed to do.
2-Ray took the baby during all of Primary.
3-All three of my children napped at the same time (a small miracle).

Mike said...

The best thing that happened to me today is that Mr. Angry Achilles decided to play nice. After that, the choir did Beethoven on this morning's broadcast, and I had pizza for dinner.

Allred Mom said...

The best three things that happened to me today???
1. I visited 2 wards
2. I had a seminary meeting
3. I ate 2 delicious magic cookie bars!
4. Had a great phone call with my buddy, Megan...
(I know you only wanted 3!)
Yep...it's been a good day and I know I will sleep well tonight...which will be my 5th best thing about today!

Shan said...

1. Got my snickerdoodle cookie dough
2. Played games with friends
3. Husband got called to the bishopric? Although I'm not sure that is one of the good things. :)

I'm glad your achilles is feeling better! Acupuncture huh? Does it really work? I've heard that sometimes people get fertility problems resolved through a chiropractor and acupuncturist and I wonder how true it is.

Erica said...

So glad things are going better!

I wish you'd elaborate a little on the speaker taking about hickies thing. Not that I want to talk about hickies, but I'm curious why in the world a speaker in church would bring up that subject at the pulpit!

Best things that have happened to me:
1. It's my hubby's birthday so we met up for lunch and are going out to dinner too.
2. The SUN is shining! (finally!)
3. The munchkin went down for a nap without a fight.

Jamie and Brad said...

Its not even noon yet (and its like 3 days after your original post but I need more gold stars so I'll answer the question!) The 3 best things that happened to me so far today:
1) The sun is out! Lets face it, it has been a long cloudy winter and seeing the sun should count for 2 things.
2) I had a donut & milk for breakfast, yummy!
3) I am actually having a good hair day! Sweet!

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