The Runner's Rule Book ... by Mark Remy

Quick read. A little comical at points, however ... I really, really disliked how he assumed whatever he had to say meant it was doctrine. In fact, it drove me nuts. I feel like it is my solomn duty and obligation as a veteran runner to address a few of his points.

Things I totally and absolutely disagreed with

1. Insisting that you wear your running bib* on front. Sometimes those darn little bibs get in the way and actually change the movement of your clothing, which I find completely irritating. I like to put my bib on my back so that it doesn't get in my way.

2. There is no diference between running on concrete and asphault. I know countless runners who would disagree and they have the injuries to prove it. Asphault.is.better.

3. Coffee is your BFF before a long run. Now, having never drank coffee you might think I cannot give an accurate assessment of this ... but really, making one assume they must drink coffee before a long run is absurd. I could go into all the medical logistics behind it to prove my point, but come on ... I think maybe two of my readers are even reading this review out of pure interest {the rest just want gold stars}. ;)

4. Running barefoot on the beach is overated. This is actually what made me hate the book. Yes, it is difficult, yes your feet slither in the sand. But it is an amazing experience that any runner should experience! Plus, it's fun to see your footprints in the sand behind you. :)

5. People who run in cotton shirts aren't real runners. In all honesty, the runners I see decked out in fancy running apparel at the start of the race are usually the runners I see finishing the race while I am on my cooldown. I wear cotton shirts and have clocked a 5:04 mile. Given, it's not an elite time, but it will do.

6. No one should wear running tights. Sure, there is the golden rule of spandex, "Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it." But that is if you wear size gazillion. But when it comes to running in cold temperatures, running.tights.are.amazing. Once you wear them, you will never go back. I want to be buried in mine. ;)

7. If you can take off your running shoes without untying them, they are not tight enough. Seriously, Mr. Remy? Seriously? My running shoes haven't been untied since 2008. Seriously.

Now, there were a couple things I did like ...

1. Run a relay with someone. Back in liiiike ... 1997 some of my closest friends and I {all of us were on the cross country team} ran the Relay for Life, which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. One of the most memorable and amazing running experiences I've had. We'd get in an hour of sleep here or there when we could, but no matter what, someone on our team was always running. I logged in 26 miles on the track that day, a feat that I will never match again.

2. You shouldn't rattle or jingle while running. Hahaha, it's true. You shouldn't.

3. Always, always beat a costumed runner.

4. Never take water from the first fluids table {seriously, don't}.

5. No one has watched Chariots of Fire all the way through. No one.

6. We hate being called joggers. Hate it.

And that's about all I enjoyed. :)

Grade: D-

Recommendation: Not worth your time to read ... unless your options are between reading this book and watching grass grow. Sorry, Mr. Remy.


Daren said...

I was actually talking to a friend of mine just Saturday about the benefits of running tights. Having never used them, I thought they were just a way of sapping money from runners, but he says he'll never go back after using them. Go figure.

Erica said...

Where have you run on the beach before? Have you blogged about it in the past and I've just missed it?

Whit said...

i'm not a real runner, but i agree with you on the running tights and some marathon books i've read said you should wear whatever you want, whatever you're comfortable in. that advice made me feel like less of a fake runner when i wear cotton.
ps how'd you enjoy the tournament?

Jen said...

I'm all up in your blog tonight but your posts are good! :)

I can attest to the value of coffee before a long run. While it isn't really beneficial to the actual run (I actually do think it dehydrates you), if you are addicted like I am -- and I use the term "addiction" loosely as I typically drink one to two cups a day, but oh do I need it -- you will need to drink it or you will feel crappy. Before marathons I would always drink a small coffee to get my fix and counteract the dehydrating properties with a Gatorade and lots of water. SCIENCE!!!

Also, the last mile or so of Boston I was in a serious race with a Banana (as I refused to lose to someone in a costume). I did beat him and I ran 3:29. That was a damn fast banana!

Lastly, bish please. You can pry my spandex from my cold dead hands. That guy is crazy!

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