The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio ... by Terry Ryan

This book is based on the true story of a housewife in Defiance, Ohio who helped support her family by winning entries in jingle-writing contests. It was written by her daughter, who clearly thought the world of her mother. Her mother not only supported her family through her talent, but dealed with domestic violence. She lived quite the life.

Quick read. Nice happy little story. But that's about all.

I guess my standards for books are just far too high. I feel like I should finish reading them and think, "Wow!" coupled with the desire of either being motivated to want to be better, wanting to be more {or at least finish laughing my head off, thank you Diary of a Wimpy Kid}.

I know the author wrote this as a tribute to her mother ... And it was. Her mom went through a lot, and this review is not to belittle that ... But I guess my problem was, I think all of us could write a similar book. Sure, our moms might not help support our families by writing clever little jingles ... But I believe the duties of a mom who is doing her best and really being a mom, not only deserves a similar tribute but oh-so-much more ... Sooo, maybe while I didn't thoroughly enjoy this book ... at least it was a step in the right direction of giving one mother out there well deserved recognition and for that ... I will give it a ...

Grade: B-

Recommendation: Eh, not really. I bet there is an apostle out there who has written a phenomenal book on motherhood. ;)

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