Mindy & the Uhaul ...

Sometimes I am reminded that I am a grownup.

For example, when I realized I owned furniture.

Grownups own furniture.

Another time is when I bought a vacuum.

Grownups own vacuums.

And then there was last Thursday.

I drove a Uhaul.

Grownups drive Uhauls.

But not only did I drive a Uhaul, I drove it six hours. Alone in weather that looked like this:

Grownups drive Uhauls. Alone. For six hours. In blizzards.

But don't worry, Uhaul understands it's hard to be a grownup and alone for six hours so they give you a lot of reading material:

And those are just the boring ones. Well, "Don't be caught dead sitting on your seat belt" is kinda funny.

Some of the more entertaining ones:
Clearly, staying in the "economy" zone was not one of my goals as I drove from Logan to St. George.

Don't worry, Uhaul, I will not drive the Uhaul through a drive-through, into trees nor their branches, nor into any buildings.

Yeah, speed does kill. But so does meth and crack. Plus, crack is a ghetto drug, kids. But why no shout-out those narcotics?

And, so it was. I was grownup. And this is what a grown up looks like driving a Uhaul. Six hours. Alone. In a blizzard.

Fine, the blizzard stopped. Eventually. P.s. The Uhaul did not have a scan feature in the car. So, yes, I did listen to my pink iPod through earphones. This is me not singing out loud like I was the majority of the time.

And while this trip was about me being a grown up, which I am, and being satisfied-ish about being a grownup and doing grownup things like driving a Uhaul ... It was also about moving my brother and his wife to a town 379 miles away. To live. Permanently. Without the rest of us. An understatement of the world to say a little piece of my heart was left in St. George that day. And I kinda don't like leaving my heart anywhere.

But maybe even worse than that ... was looking at this for six hours:

Yup. I never want to see the back of Uhaul ever again. If I do, I just might poke my eyeballs out. That's all.


Cassie said...

Mindy, I'm sorry you had to leave your brother/family in St.George but I'm super happy because now when you come to visit you can come say hi to me too!!! Really, next time you're down let me know if you need a place to stay. We have an entire basement just for guests and I'd love to get together sometime!

Katie said...

I recall a trip we took to St. George anticipating my move once too....back in the day! Except we didn't drive a Uhaul thank goodness. What a good friend/sister you are. I had to drive from Alabama to Texas following a Penske the whole way, which was almost as entertaining as following a Uhaul- I feel for ya! I hope your brother enjoys the warmer weather in St. George.

Lisa said...

Ha, you crack me up! What a great sister you are to drive a u-Haul that far, for your brother.

Whitney said...

ha ha! hopefully those guys who write those uhall stickers get paid big bucks because they're pretty good!

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