Mindy & Style

I call my dad Style. In fact, most of us in the family do. It has become the word for dad in my vocabulary. I generally refer to any and all dads as style. For example, roommate was on the phone and when she gets off instead of asking, "Was that your dad?" I say, "Was that your style?" Fortunately for me, she knows what I am talking about.

Style got some stellar seats to the Jazz vs. Kings game last night ... so while the rest of our entire family was peacin' out in St. George we headed to Salt Lake.

Here Style and I are at the game, accompanied with some of my thoughts:

1. You can see where I get my eyeballs from. :)

2. We stopped at In-N-Out before the game. He lets me eat his extra fries.

3. I enjoyed the game. We won. In overtime. But not gonna lie ... it's a little lot lackluster to attend a basketball game anywhere else after you have experienced the Spectrum so much.

4. Nothing matters until the fourth quarter. The fans don't care until the fourth quarter. The players don't seem to care until the fourth quarter ... And that's when the score is close. I would imagine that if it was a blowout either direction the indifference would continue.

5. The girl sitting next to me had on the most adorable shirt in the world. I might have asked a complete stranger where she got her shirt. She also had on the most adorable watch, boots, ring, and belt. I think I want to be her. But I am not entirely sure. But then again, I am.

6. I love that the high was about 45* outside and yet people came in tank tops. And I get pestered about wearing flip-flops? :)

7. It was nice to attend a game I wasn't emotionally invested in at all. If they lost, there would be no lump in my throat to swallow with tears welling up. Life would have gone on immediately after the final buzzer sounded. The same will not be said for the games I will be attending in Las Vegas this Friday and Saturday. :)

8. My roommate is at her parents' house right now and just made chocolate chip cookies. What does this have to do with the basketball game last night? Absolutely nothing, but I really, really want some chocolate chip cookies right now.

9. Raja Bell and Paul Milsap are attractive. Just sayin'.

10. Any sign quoting Charlie Sheen is probably going to be one of my favorites.

11. Someone sitting behind me smelled like a mortuary.

12. Uhm ... I don't get cheerleading/dancers outside of high school and college. I just ... don't ... get it. But, I do want to be able to do the splits some day {which is aiming for a lot considering I cannot even touch my toes without bending my knees}.

13. I would mention one more thing, but it apparently gives some people a platform for hatred, so I will keep it to myself ... and to my FB status from Saturday night. ;)

Oh, and was there a point to this post? Uhm ... Maybe not. Ho-well. :)


Daren said...

Sounds like a fun night out with your 'style.' Let me say this. You're free write about whatever you want. This is your blog, isn't it? You shouldn't allow some person's comments to prevent you from sharing your thoughts, even if that person was right. ;)

Ruthie said...

Girl I wish I was half as hilarious as you. Love your blog, you crack me up. Glad you had fun at the game! And...your dad's eyes are beautiful! Therefore, your eyes are beautiful:)

Mellie said...

Hahah! So funny because I call my Dad Brain (his name is Brian), and when referring to other people's fathers, I also call them Brain.

Katie said...

So where's the story behind the word "Style?!" You should come to a Spurs game-the fans are crazy from the get go (not sayin' I'm a Spurs fan though). I agree, you should be able to say whatever you want on your blog. It's yours after all. I can't help but smile when I read your blog :)

Allison and Josh said...

Loved your FB status the other day! haha! And You do have great style. Seriously.

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