Las Vegas

Did ya hear?

My Aggies are WAC champions! And, they are goin' dancin' ... But I have a pretty penny betting that you already knew that.

Style and I headed to St. George in the middle of last week to meet up with my brother, his wife, my mama, my lil' sister, and my youngest nephew.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty chill. We ate at In-N-Out {twice} and one of my new favorite restaurants, Casa Dona Maria. Angry Mr. Achilles and I attempted to run {it's hard to think that just over two miles at 10-minute pace is a real run}, I did a lot of my physical therapy exercises for angry Mr. Achilles, read and watched some basketball on TV. If I did anything else in St. George, I clearly have forgotten what it was.

Oh, false.

We played at the park too.

I love that eight-year-old turd. Yes, he is a turd. Yes, YOU are a turd {he reads this blog}. He's a turd because sometimes it's sooo difficult to get a photo of him, as pictured above. But I sure love that turd. :)

On Friday we headed to Vegas to watch our Aggies play. We played San Jose State. And won. And we were happy:

I was happy not only because my Aggies won, but also because I loved my A tat. AND, I was wearing my Hello Kitty, Hello Aggies t-shirt.

After our game we stayed to watch who we'd be playing the following day for the championship game. Naturally, I had some thoughts during the game ...
This wasn't announced or anything, but I am pretty sure the New Mexico State University dance squad is accepting donations ...

So that by the 2011-2012 season they can have both sleeves on their uniforms.

Speaking of uniforms ...

Call me crasy, but I thought the concept/definition of a uniform was something along the lines of: consistent, identical, without variation in detail, etc. Clearly, NMSU and I do not have uniforming definitions of the word uniform. Just sayin'.

Then there is my second least favorite mascot in our conference.

This donkey err ... Bronco. But the donkey is in no comparison as bad as my most least favorite mascot in our conference ...

Spastic Pistol Pete. It's really difficult to get a photo of him, as pictured above left. Haha, I am kinda amused by that. I am not quite sure why. :) I am also amused by this fiasco.

Then, the Boise band. It made me long for Mondays at EFY. Polos. Khakis. Perfection. :)

And lastly from Friday night ... If you were ever wondering what your child would look like dressed as a banana at a basketball game, here's an idea:

The following day I decided to jump off this building:

Yes, the Stratosphere. 850-something feet above the ground 108 stories high. Unfortunately, there was malfunction with their camera, so I have yet to receive my photos. Unfortunately times two, I realized that they don't actually take pictures while you are descending. They only take pictures up at the top. Pff.

Anywhoot, my amasing sister-in-law did take a few photos. With the first one, see if you can see me! Look closely!

And, yes, my pants indicate high-waters a-comin'! :)

After my death-defying adventure we headed over to Serendipity {kinda a famous restaurant in Vegas and NYC}. We ate massive sandwiches like this one:

And had ice cream sundaes larger than our heads!

P.S. Now would be an appropriate time to inform you that yes, I did have ice cream every day while I was on vacay. And it was wonderful.

After dinner it was time for the championship game -Utah State vs. Boise State!

Now would be an appropriate time to tell you two things: 1. There were 13 filled sections in the arena. 12 of those sections were filled with USU fans. And for all of you mathematicians out there, that leaves us with one section for Boise State fans.

This is a Boise State student section:

And this is a Utah State student section:

Oh, and guess who showed up again?

The banana child! He clearly turned tides going from a BSU fan Friday to a USU fan by Saturday. Smart choice, BC. Smart choice.

And my favorite sign:

As the game drew to a close the student sections began to leave their seats and crowd near the court. My nephew asked, "What are they doing?"

Mindy: They are going to rush the court.

Nephew 2: I want to go down there.

Mindy: You want to rush the court?

Nephew 2: Yes.

Mindy: What the heck.

So, for the first time in my long-legged life ... I rushed the court. With my eight-year-old nephew. I did my best to protect his little life in the pandemonium.

Can you find us?

And celebration ensues ...

My favorite photo of the night:

So.stinkin.cute. No?

Oh, I love Stew. And I love Tai. And I love my Aggies. And I loved watching them win the tournament. And I love that I will seem them dancin' on Thursday night against Kansas State at 7:57pm. :)


P.S. 500 gold stars if you read the entire post. :) And, just so you know: BYU had their tournament in Vegas too. I saw about one kjillion BYU fans while there. And at one point in time these words actually came out of my mouth to a BYU fan, "Good luck tonight" accompanied with a genuine, non-sarcastic smile. Just sayin'.


Erica said...

I totally read the whole post and loved it. Wanted to hear more about the jump though.

Matt, Erin, and Ben said...

Hi Mindy! It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. Go Aggies! And I am happy you didn't mention anything negative about BYU. :) I love reading your blog. You are so cute and funny!

~Erin Morgan

Meisha Marie said...

Wow. Looks like it was a lovely vacation! That is awesome that usu fans took up 12 of 13 sections.. AGGIES ALL THE WAY!

Lissa Chandler said...

ag. i HATED khaki days at efy. they hurt my soul.

Nicole Anderson said...

Excellent post Minday! I'm so glad you were there to support our Aggies! Now, time to DANCE!!!

Katie said...

Wow you actually did it?! Was the bungee jump as fun as you thought it was? Hopefully they get their camera worked out so we can see more pictures. I think I need to take a vacation with you sometime. You sure know how to have a good time!

Jared said...

You are a much better person than I, Mindy. I just kept laughing at the drunk BYU fans I kept running into while I was there in Vegas.

Also, I have more pictures of the banana child that Kevin brought with him. I asked him about it when we got to our seats and he said he was doing it since "I figured it would help me to get girls".


Mike said...

I am proud of you for smiling non-sarcastically. It's more than I could do, I think. Add on 500.

Bryce n' Jamie said...

00 Gold Stars for me!

Shan said...

Yes, I get 500 gold stars!

Avree said...

Loved the cheer uniforms. Maybe they give the cheerleaders a choice, slutty or not-as-slutty.

Whitney said...

i cannot believe you did that jump! i probably watched you from the window in my hotel room. i could never -- too chicken.
ps that banana child has been to all (or almost all) the home aggie games! what a kid!

DeeAura said...

I just want you to know I read that entire post. And I miss Aggie basketball. In person, that is. You know. :)

Olivia said...

I loved the dance off between Big Blue and the donkey. I especially loved how the donkey left the stadium (most likely to ice his groin) afterwards :)

Daren said...

Have I influenced your new found diplomacy? Probably not, but I'll take credit anyway. =)

Allred Mom said...

Sounds like you had fun in Vegas! And best of all, you survived bungee jumping!
...and did I mention....500 gold stars for me!

Kat said...

I love this! I love that you're a crazy aggies fan. I admit I do miss going to the games. Always so much hype! My whole family isn't really into sports, much like myself. When I asked my sister who was going to the superbowl she said, "I'm not sure, I think the Raiders and the Lakers?" THE LAKERS?? Pretty sure they don't play football. And I think she only said the raiders because that's a team that was near us growing up. Anyway, just goes to show how much my family knows nothing about sports. Random to say on this post, but whatev.

Meg said...

Of course I read the whole post, so 500 stars for me. :) I also knew about the Aggies already. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

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