The jump ...

I 'spose I didn't give a detailed-enough account of my bungee-jump. Soooo, here is that detailed-enough account. :)

I called in advance to make an appointment, as I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to do it in case they were booked. The woman on the phone went through a list of questions. Something along the lines of if I had neck or back problems {I may have fibbed and said no}, if I would meet the weight requirement of 285 {with an 80 pound harness on me}, if I was pregnant, if I had heart problems, and maybe a few other questions. I really like how they throw in all the requirements at one time so if you have to say yes, they don't know which one you are saying yes to. I almost feel like it is directly related to the weight question ... but that was just my opinion. They then asked if there was any physical or mental ailment that would hinder me from being able to jump? No, ma'am. I am mentally stable {enough} to jump.

When I was telling someone about the requirements they said, "And you meet the weight requirement?"

Pray tell ... When did I start looking like I weighed 285 pounds?? {Which is interestingly enough because I was asked to join someone's Biggest Loser competition on FB simply because I said it sounded like fun. When did I start looking like I needed to be in a Biggest Loser competition?} :)

When I arrived at the check-in location at the Stratosphere they had live video of people jumping. It was then I realized it was no bungee at all. No, no. It was more like a controlled, vertical zip-line. Right then and there 87.6% of the fears I had vanished. {I was concerned about the cord making a noose around my neck, unsure about how the jerk would feel once the cord had extended to its maximum length and I was pulled back, and I wondered if they would have to pull me all the way back up or if I would be descended to the ground}.

Sooo, they suited me up in essentially a super hero costume, minus the cape and super powers. Oh, and as previously mentioned, when the harness was placed on me, the suit was about four or five inches from my shoes. I.looked.awesome.

They also had to weigh me. Which, I nicely told them to ensure I didn't know the weight {I figure if I don't know how much I weigh, I cannot worry about how much I weigh. Good Great theory, no?}. They said they wouldn't tell me, but they did have to put my weight down on my wrist in permanent marker. Excellent. At least the sleeves of my suit weren't too short. :)

You are then trekked through parts of the hotel to get to the elevator that get you to the 108th floor {855 feet above the ground}. At the 108th floor it is hecka.hot. Sun was coming in the entirely window-walled floor, jump suit on, nerves starting to go when you actually see how high up you are.

I went up with four people, none of which I knew. There was a talkative British man there. He questioned why I was in Vegas and why I had an A tattoo on my face. Ah, a chance to talk about my Aggies. :)

There is a bar/restaurant up top {that jumpers can request to get a drink from before they jump}. And there are about one kjillion well-wishers just watching jump after jump. Their nervousness for me made me nervous!

As it was my turn to jump they opened a door to a locked-down room. It has two doors. The entrance and then the door that opens to the jump. The door to the jump cannot open while the other door is opened, as a safety precaution. Once inside they look at your weight on your wrist to adjust the cord. They also check to make sure your shoes are on tight enough.

This is me in the lockdown room.

And my favorite part is this: two people check everything. My biggest concern was that someone might make a mistake in the way I was harnessed in or the way I was connected to the cord. So when multiple people continued to check the same things, it made me a little less nervous.

As soon as the opened the jump door is when I got really nervous. Beyond popular belief, and even though I have jumped out of an airplane 13,000 feet above the ground, I am terrified of heights. Terrified. I held onto the bars for dear life as the final precautions were being taken. There was a moment where I thought I could have passed out. No lie.

{Here I am right before I step to the ledge! This photo and the one in the lockdown room are the only ones I received in my photo package. Frown.}

"Okay, now you are going to put your toes over the ledge and when I say 'go' you will jump. One. Two. Three. Go!"

And that was that. I jumped. The fall part is absolutely fantastic. The fear and nervousness left immediately after taking that leap. Seeing the edge and taking that leap is the worst part of it all, the rest is just thrilling.

Once you are about 40 feet from the ground they start slowing you down and you actually land on the ground, where friends and family await you.

My other favorite part, which I didn't actually get to be a part of, is how they kept your friends/family involved. There was no way anyone could identify who was jumping because it's just too high up. But while I am up in that little room being double checked they announce below, "Mindy is jumping in four minutes" ... "Mindy is jumping in two minutes" ... "Mindy is jumping in four seconds!" So people who came to watch me would know when I was coming.

It was a wonderful experience. I am still bummed that the photos shown on the website are misleading, leaving you to believe that photos will actually be taken during your fall. When I do get my photos, there will be one of me in the lock-down room and one of me on the ledge. And that's it. There is a video of it, but of the one minute and nine seconds of it, most of it is just watching the girl do the final strapping of my harness. I then do a pathetic jump off and with no sound you cannot even hear my screams.

So, my suggestion may be not to get the photos {weird coming from me because not getting photos while skydiving is my biggest regret} ... but anyone up for a thrill, totally do it. Totally worth the entire experience. Looooved it. And if you can muster up enough guts to do it, it will be worth it to you too. :)

Oh, and you better believe immediately following my jump I first put my flower headband back in, my flip-flops back on and then made a mad dash to the bathroom - to wash off the weight on my wrist {without ever looking at it}. :)

Is that a better recap, Erica? :)

P.S. Aggies. Thursday night. 7:57pm. Word.


Erica said...

MUCH better Mindy. Now give me my stars.

Dan and Laura said...

Well done! Great story! You're much braver than I. :)

Mellie said...

Ah!!! Your story made me nervous just reading it, I as well am TERRIFIED of heights and could never be brave enough for such an endeavor. You are amazing!

Andrea said...

in case you care my palms are sweating just reading that. i could NEVER do it. . . NE.VER.
glad you had a good time!

Jamie and Brad said...

K glad thats over with...the whole time I am reading my stomach is doing flip-flops, me heart is racing and I am starting break out in a nervous sweat! NEVER-EVER-EVER would I do that. To bad about the pictures though, they would have been great!

Kat said...

how FUN!!! sounds like a blast. I'm so glad you did it.

Meg said...

While I do not have any desire to jump off any building, even with a harness attached, I do find it a little funny that people get nervous just reading about you doing it. I don't even have a problem watching someone else jump, just don't want to try it myself. :)

Shan said...

Looks like fun but they totally should have given you more pictures. At least I think so.

Carter said...

It cost $100 :o wow i want to do it!!!!

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