In a perfect world ...

I would never have to go to the post office.

Or the bank.

Or the pharmacy.

And groceries would magically appear in my cupboards and fridge.

Fried pickles would never burn the top of my mouth.

Hamilton's would never have changed their chicken cordon bleu recipe.

The battery on my phone would never die.

Drinking water would always be chilled.

Tom Welling and John Krasinski would be fighting to the death for my love.

I would know what it feels like to sleep through the entire night.

Angry Mr. Achilles would remember how to play nice.

I would be allowed to wear flip-flops at work.

Every vehicle would have a scan button.

My clean laundry would put itself away.

Every bed in the world would be as comfortable as my bed ... or if not, I would be able to pack my mattress and take it with me. Everywhere.

I would wake up and already be ready for the day.

Deer would be as realistic as unicorns.

My laptop would be pink.

Bernard Lagat and Glenn Beck would be my neighbors.

I would never have to scrape ice off my windshield.

My Aggies would win the national championship in basketball.

I would own sparkly Toms.

Everyone who follows this blog would comment on every post and follow un-anonymously {1,000 gold stars to everyone who already does or starts}.

I would find the yellow cardigan and the black and white thick-striped shirt I have envisioned in my head.

I would stop gagging while brushing my teeth ... and while swallowing pills, and when I smell things that are stinky, or when I think an unhappy thought or when I think about brushing my teeth, swallowing pills, or stinky smells.

Fingernails wouldn't grow or break.

My back and neck would not revolt against their owner.

The dreams about being brutally murdered would cease.

MyEvery house would have AC.

I would own adorably cute peanut butter M&Ms that look like colored Easter eggs with speckles on them.

Oh, wait. I do.

One out of 30 ain't too shabby ...

Oh, wait. It is.

Ho-well. :)

What would be in your perfect world?
{Besides winning the gold star competition, because that goes without saying, and only one of you can ...}


Melissa said...

If I never had to shave my legs again and my house was always clean.

P.S. I had a roommate that gagged when she brushed her teeth. It didn't look fun.

Amy Jo Mama said...

In my perfect world, Mindy would have her perfect world. :) and I wouldn't have to straighten my hair ever again. Let's make it happen ;)

Andrea said...

amen to the never having to shave my legs again. . .
and ca i get the 1000 gold stars if i follow you - but i just don't follow you via the special little i follow this blog thing. . . cause let'sbe honest here. i'm all about the gold stars.

Kat said...

In my perfect world I would never have any blemishes, people wouldn't hate me, and instead of being pregnant, the stork brings babies to us. :)

Olivia said...

Next time you get a laptop get an eeepc. They are awesome, inexpensive AND come in pink :) I want to live in your perfect world.

Shan said...

Oooh I follow and un-anonymously so that means 1,000 gold stars right?!

Bryce n' Jamie said...

The outfit your looking for is at target... Yellow cardigan with black and white stripes is there...

Katie said...

Gotta love being human. In a perfect world.. there wouldn't be snakes and I wouldn't have to shave. I stole that one from Melissa-smart girl. I would say that I am a loyal follower of your blog..however, I don't comment on every post, I will work on that. I would still take 1,000 stars though ;)

Mike said...

My sister has sparkly Toms. She wore them to Disneyland and got compliments from thousands of strangers. My perfect world would involve New York City and season tickets.

jill said...

I agree with your list. And Mike's comment about NYC. I would also add teleportation/apparation would be possible as needed and desired.

Lissa Chandler said...

i am also envisioning a yellow cardigan and a black and white striped shirt after reading this post.

in my perfect world, i would get enough sleep every night and i would never have to pluck my eyebrows. big dreams, right?

Meisha Marie said...

in my perfect world..

my nails would stay perfectly manicured.

i didn't have to study for tests.

and people would beg for my crafty creations.

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Just to never be tired that's all I need! Also in response to your comment on my blog I cannot possibly blog once a week that's too big of a jump. What about at least once a month but I'll shoot for two to stretch myself. Will you visit me then?

Allison and Josh said...

haha! Several things on your list would be on mine...but here are a few more. Laundry would fold itself. Cadbury Mini Eggs would be sold year round. I would have a condo in Hawaii. BYU would close down. Winning the gold star competition 2 years in a row. Meeting Tom Welling and Kyle Korver. Have Carrie Underwood's hair stylist do my hair everyday. Own a pink iPad. That Mindy Marie Thornley would re-activate her facebook!

Meg said...

Let's see: I would get a full night of sleep every night (hopefully that will return soon), my three-year-old would fully potty-train, and the clutter in my house would magically disappear (and the parts of it that are actually important things would put themselves away where I could find them).

I think it's rather obvious that I read your blog regularly, if that counts as following.

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