The day 20,000 bouncy balls fell from the sky ...

It has been Geek Week here at Utah State University.

What does this all entail?

I am not quite sure.

However, it did entail a science experiment of dropping 20,000 bouncy balls from a helicopter.

What was the experiment?

I am not quite sure.

But I do know that it happened to be a world record. Which, of course it is, why would anyone ever drop that many bouncy balls from a helicopter?

Naturally, this peaked my interest.

Oh, and the interest of my roommates too.

P.s. It was St. Patrick's Day.

We waited and waited ... for what seemed like my entire life. And then we heard it ...

And then?

And as the final bouncy balls began to drop, as expected, mass pandemonium erupted as the bystanders attempted to retrieve a souvenir.

By the time we made any effort to get one {partially just to watch the crasiness ensue, partially to avoid being trampled to death}, there were none left.

I felt sad.

But then I saw people carrying buckets of them!

Buckets I say!

And as I walked past them, in my best sad voice I said out loud, "If people have more than one, they should share," accompanied with a pout.

A girl heard the sorrow in my voice and with overriden guilt she said to me, "You guys can have one of mine."

She handed us each one.

And I was happy.

But then I realized there were two kinds of bouncy balls: ugly ones and pink ones.

Guess which kind ours were?

I saw two people with about 20 bouncy balls who each had PINK ones.

I couldn't help myself, "Oooh! Can I trade this one for that pink one?"

And guess who was rejected? Twice.

But another girl heard my pleas and said, "I have some pink ones."

She failed to mention they were pink sparkly ones!

Oh, and a cute aqua sparkly one too!

And even though the photograph doesn't show this ... I was happy.

And did I mention at this point we ran into our other roommate and her BF. Which, I don't know if they are official or not, so keep it on the DL, mm-k? I won't tell anyone if you don't tell anyone.

And guess what?

I was happy.

So, moral of the story?

If you ever get the chance to watch 20,000 bouncy balls fall from the sky - do it.

And you will be happy.

That's all.

Wait, I lied. That is not all. I received my bungee-jumping photos in the mail. I added them to the post below.

And that is all. :)


Mike said...

I can understand people wanting a bouncy ball souvenir. I really can. But why would you want a bucket of them? And why would you need every last one?

Niki said...

I am so glad you blogged about this! I couldn't go because of work but it looks sweet!!! Glad you got a cute souvenir :)

Olivia said...

Those people taking buckets of balls were making me mad. Though I did get one, it was not a cute pink one!

Meg said...

Did any of the balls have a chance to bounce? I'm just curious as to how high a bouncy ball might bounce when dropped from a helicopter. But it sounds like there were probably too many people for that to have happened.

Andrea said...

glad you got a pink one.
have you seen this?

jill said...

that is amazing. i'm sad I missed it.

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