The Boy in the Striped Pajamas ... by John Boyne


Read this book {there's a movie too, which is as equally fabulous}!

This story is about the Holocaust from the view point of an eight-year-old boy, Bruno. An interesting view point from his age alone, however add in the fact that his dad is a high-ranking German officer and you've got yourself a book that is worth your time reading.

At the beginning of the book Bruno and his family are moving to a new home, which he is unhappy about, to put it lightly. His new home is boring with little to do so he finds himself exploring. He notices in the not-to-distant-horizon a bunch of people who appear to be working ... in striped pajamas. And he decides to go there where he meets a boy near his own age, Shmuel. This friendship leads to an interesting fate of both.

Even though this book is historical fiction, it gives a unique perspective and allows you to think about the true history in a way you might not have otherwise.

Grade: A+

Recomendation: Read it!!!! Word.


Daren said...

This sounds like a book Heather has read. The only non-legal books I've read since starting law school are Harry Potter books, The Book of Mormon, and I've started The Hobbit but haven't gotten very far. I get so sick of reading by the time I'm done with my homework that I don't want to even look at another book. Heather, on the other hand, has read a couple dozen or so books since we've been here. She likes recreational reading since graduating.

Lissa Clair said...

I read this a while back... and it is sad. I haven't seen the movie though. Did you like it?

Jen said...

I didn't read the book (I didn't even know it was one) but I saw the movie and while it was excellent, it kind of made me want to kill myself after. Not really, but you know. I don't know if I could handle the book (especially if it ends in the same way as the movie) because they always make me cry much harder than films.

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