And in the desolation of I-80 ...

I read ... this may make no sense to you because I originally spoke about posting this back in March - last year - when I went on my trip to Reno to watch my Aggies play in the WAC basketball tournament.

If you recall, and especially if you don't ... I took some books with me to find some way - anyway! - to entertain me while driving through the pure wasteland beyond Tooele, Utah and Reno, Nevada.

I figured I better hurry and post these tonight before I head out tomorrow, again to the WAC basketball tournament {but this time in Las Vegas}, as I plan on taking books with me for the trip again and doing a book review on them also {which will most likely appear waaay before I head off to the 2012 tournament}. :)

So, one year later ... Here are my reviews of the books I read to Reno. :)

P.s. I feel like I must put a disclaimer out there. I went through an eight-year stage of just reading Church books {no, not those sappy romantic ones} but books and speeches by prophets, apostles, and even though I don't want to admit it, Sheri Dew {if anyone tells me that I remind you of her, you lose all of your gold stars. All of them. And you will never earn another one again*}. This is actually the first time in those eight years that I have read non-Church books {besides Diary of a Wimpy Kid which my eight-year-old nephew got me into}. Soooo, I find myself having a difficult time enjoying things that aren't helping me obtain eternal Salvation. ;) If I am critical of the books, that is why. ;)

You will receive 100 gold stars for each review you read and 150 gold stars for the reviews on the running books. :)

If you want an explanation on the Sheri Dew thing, lemme know. :)


Shan said...

Thank you. I like you a lot too.

Mike said...

I was very happy to finally read all of these. I had waited far too long. You must read very quickly.

Griffin Family said...

Mindy, you saved me. I recently joined a book club and I am hosting this Friday. As the hostess I am supposed to come up with some choices for our next book...you are the best!! I think this post was inspiration on your part. Oh, and I read them all. I won't be wasting my time with the running books:)

Jen said...

Mindy, I have some excellent books for you to read if you feel like staying on the dark side for a bit longer! ;)

The Help
The Passage
Never Let Me Go

And if you don't want to use your brain at all, but want some candy to read, I strongly recommend The Hunger Games series. Why yes, I am 16 years old.

PS: All of the words I want to use for my reaction to your bungee jumping are not appropriate for this blog. But *&%%*%$$ &()*%## @(#($*$!!! That is INSANE. &^^%$#&. I would never. Did you like it?! *&&!@&*. I'm glad you didn't go splat. :P

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