Quite the stir ...

So, I've been hearing a lot lately about this article.

Truth be told, I haven't read it.

I realize it's probably two pages or less worth of reading. But, not gonna lie: I just cannot be bothered with it. Plus, I feel I've gotten the gist of it from Facebook posts and reading others' blogs about it.

Speaking of bothered, I think I am bothered that people are bothered by Mormons who try to make everything sound perky. Have you ever read a Debbie Downer blog? Where every post is about how depressing their life is and how everything is going wrong? I have. And guess what? It's depressing. And personally, I don't like feeling depressed so I just cannot be bothered with it {key point: every post was down. EVERY post}. Honestly, I'd take an attempt-to-be-happy blog any day over a Debbie Downer every post.

Another truth be told: I don't read Nie Nie. I don't read C Jane. I never read Seriously So Blessed. And not because they are happy Mormon blogs {or parodies of happy Mormon blogs}. Rather, they just don't tickle my fancy {notice how I didn't even link you to them! I.am.such.a.little.jerk!}.

I obviously am not too concerned about being labeled a happy Mormon blogger ... Which is ironic because I am a Mormon. And I am happy. Buuuut, I have never started off any post with "My bebe turned three years old today!" or had to give you the circumference of my child's head. Nor have I ever had my husband "sneak"onto my blog to tell you all how amazing I am.

Buuut, I have wondered if people think I sugar coat things to make my CLEARLY non-perfect life better. Just in case I have, let's clear that up right now. :)

* I don't sew. I can sew. But I don't. Unless you count Lola. So no cute aprons or making my own skirts. Yes, I spend money buying those things at the store. Well, except the apron. I didn't have to buy that. Because Whit made me the most adorable apron and anytime I "pretend" to cook, I wear it.

* I don't make fancy cakes for birthdays or any other celebration. I really don't cook or bake anything. Unless we want this to happen. And I have no desire to. Would that make me a horrible mom if my child {whom may or may never exist in this life} has to celebrate with a store-bought cake?

* I have never once made anything for my home. Never. I don't really have any plans to either. Ever. I am not really crafty, per se.

* As if being waaay closer to 30 than 20, LDS, single and living in Logan, Utah wasn't enough ... I may have found out last week that the guy I may or may not have been dating for the last four months decided to have a "mistress" on the side for the last month of that. I may or may not have said to him, "Peace out, boy scout." I say may or may not because I want to create doubt in your mind of this actually occurring because if I straight up told you, that would be Mindy not being vague. And we cannot have that, now can we? And if this story is still true, he is still dating the mistress. Awesome.

* I don't know how to take fancy photographs. I point.and.shoot. The end. I don't edit the photos to make them look fancy, I don't know how. I don't even own Photoshop. Gasp. I wish I just knew how to do all of that. I have no desire to learn. Sometimes that makes me feel like a loser to say that phrase, "I have no desire to learn."

* I don't scrapbook. I blame Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants for this one. Her scrapbooking skillz are mad. And I would be so displeased with how mine would turned out because I would know they could be better. Like hers. Maybe my blog is my attempt to escape scrapbooking? Wow. Epiphany of all epiphany's. Which ironically enough, rhymes with Tiffany. Muwahaha!

* I don't put together uber-cute bridal or bebe shower gifts {you know, like that one where you put diapers together that look like a cake?}. Who are we kidding? Consider yourself lucky if you even get me to your bridal/bebe shower ... Or your reception for that matter. Not because I don't want to go ... but for two consecutive years I counted how many wedding reception invitations I had received. Over 50. Each year. So, I can spend my time going to wedding receptions every weekend, or spend that time trying to make a wedding reception occur for myself. Okay, half-lie. I am probably not doing that either. Buuut, most times I cannot even bring myself to attend the event, let alone make some uber-cute gift for it.

* I generally don't attend ward prayer. Oh, how to describe ward prayer. It is an activity that occurs exclusively in singles ward of the Church. Every Sunday night, we all gather together after our Sunday meetings have long finished and we mix and mingle. There is a hymn sung, a get-to-know-you type thing done, a spiritual thought and ... a prayer. :) I generally don't attend because this activity is not actually in the Church handbook ... so I question it's existence and my involvement in it. Plus, the get-to-know-you thing is actually one member sharing a talent they have. A tomahawk-type weapon thing is given out to a new person each week, which determines who will share their talent {the tomahawk thing is ward specific, and I don't know why such a random item [particularly a dull-edged weapon, which is better than a sharp-edged weapon] was chosen}, so all you non-Mormons reading this blog, we aren't that weird. But my point is this: if I was ever given the tomahawk weapon, indicating I had to share a talent ... I would have nothing to share. Really.

* AND: I should have re-painted my toenails like two weeks ago ... but I am just straight up lazy and haven't done it. It wouldn't be so bad if this was the first time I let them go way too long, but it's not. The nail polish looks ugly, hence making my toes look ugly. Yes. I have ugly toenails. How on this green earth could I be a happy Mormon blogger with a perfect life with ugly toenails? That's exactly it. I can't be.

Soo, with this long-winded post ... there you have it, folks. This is why I am not perfect. This is why I do not fit into the happy Mormon blogging world ... since I knew you were all wondering about that. I do what I can to oblige my three readers who leave comments these days. ;)


Katie said...

If this blog had a "like" button, I would push it. I have mixed ideas and opinions about blogging. Which shows by the fact that I haven't posted anything on my blog since May. However, I do enjoy reading your blog. I don't feel like you "sugarcoat" anything yet you do not post "depressing" thoughts or ideas. Anyone that slightly knows you can say that your posts are entertaining, grammatically correct, and original. I must admit-it does make me feel better that I am not the only one who doesn't scrapbook, take professional photos, or get a pedicure every month.I like you a lot Mindy!

Mike said...

I don't know that I've ever been to a ward prayer that involves a tomahawk weapon. That sounds fascinating.

Shan said...

Great response to that whole interesting conversation! I'm glad you are a happy mormon blogger.

deveney said...

i love you mindy. such a perfect response, i could not be bothered with the article either, but i totally agree with you and more power to ya for not crafting, baking, sewing, etc...who needs it??? you have other interesting hobbies and things to occupy yout time:)

Natalie Willmore said...

Ok wait, wait, wait. You are missing the WHOLE article. It is not to attack Mormon bloggers at how "happy" they are. It is actually a very good outside perspective of how others view Mormon life based on these blogs.
This woman finds these blogs uplifting and focused on the positive. They want the life that Mormons lead and want to return to simplicity like us. That's the gist of the article. There, I saved you from reading it.
I recommend you do, it's wonderful :)

Meg said...

I guess I've missed the whole thing, having not heard about the article until reading your blog.

I don't read any of the blogs you mentioned, either. I have enough blogs to read just keeping up with people I actually know. I don't really need to read about some stranger's perfect life. :)

Meg said...

So I just read the article. I don't think I fit into her definition of Mormon bloggers.

B and J said...

I think you are the best kind of "happy-Mormon-blogger". You make me happy and you make me smile. And to make you feel better I went from October to January and didn't repaint my toenails, all I had left was little specs in the middle of each big toe, and to make it worse, I still wore my peep-toe shoes to church.

Kat said...

I love you and your blog, whatever it is. I'll take it either way. :)

Erica said...

Mindy, your blog is one of the few blogs I actually keep up with, and I'll tell you why.

1. You make me happy. I love your writing style and how you put into words what all of us normal people feel every day of our lives.

2. You don't make me feel like I'm failing in life. That doesn't mean you don't encourage me to do better, because you definitely do that, but you write in a way that is not intimidating in any way, shape, or form.

3. You are honest, in a positive way. You say it how it is. I love how you are happy with who you are and don't feel like you have to do this or that to fit (ie all the things you listed in your post like cooking/sewing/etc etc etc) in.

4. You help me to see the world in a new perspective, and I really like your perspective. You are much more spontaneous than me for sure.

5. Your posts make me laugh. And often, laugh out loud. Pure entertainment to break up my often (too often) monotonous day.

(Another long comment. Sorry.)

Andrea said...

i read your blog because you are funny.
the end.

Linds said...

When I read your blog and see that you do not sew/craft/bake/scrapbook and are still awesome it makes me think that maybe I am not so un-awesome myself. Because I definitely don't do any of those things and like you have no desire to learn them either. So i say keep on being awesome and inspiring others to do the same, without the home ec slant :)

Whit said...

dear mindy,
i very much enjoy your honesty in your blogging and would have you no other way.
thanks for being real.

Whitney B. said...

I love the blog world because I get to stay connected with friends and family and get to be a little part of their lives while I am clear across the country. I love reading your blog because as I have told you before I hear your voice when I read it and that makes me happy. You always have a way with words and this post goes to show that. I loved it!

Mellie said...

Loved this post Mindy. Ditto to everything this Erica girl said. I so enjoy reading your blog!

Allison and Josh said...

I also say ditto to everything Erika said! Your blog is my favorite! In fact, I think you should get paid to blog because it's that good!! I freakin love you!

Lissa Clair said...

this made me laugh really hard. way to break the stereotypical Mormon blogging mold, Mindy.

Jen said...

As another "standard-issue late-20-something childless overeducated atheist feminist" (quote from the article -- you should read it, she says nice things and I am going to echo her sentiments in a minute)I just wanna say that I love checking up on one of my oldest friends on the interwebs because you are hilarious. And I have stalked a few of the linked blogs on your site and ventured into the world of Mormon mommy blogging and I have to say I find them to be fascinating. It's just such a different lifestyle, and while I have no desire to ever lead a life like that, reading about it is highly entertaining and eyeopening. I do have trouble believing that they are HAPPYOMGHAPPY all the time, and what I like about your blog is that you show a normal range of human emotion. Also, as a "standard-issue late-20-something childless overeducated atheist feminist" I totes believe in choosing your choice and doing what makes you happy (which includes being a stay at home mom or a rocket scientist). So, you shouldn't feel bad about not making cupcakes. Rock on with your bad self! :)


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