Love is in the air ...

At least for some peeps.

And if you are not one of those peeps, here are some key pointers on how to fall in love, courtesy of Hollywood:

1. Don't be too picky. Too tall. Not enough hair. Not enough money. Not actually a human. A name you don't like. These things actually don't matter at all. If Belle can fall for a BEAST who's name is BEAST, we can love someone who wears socks with sandals, right? Beauty & the Beast, Twighlight, Splash, Edward Scissor Hands.

2. It's okay to lie. About your profession. Your debt. Who you are. The fact that you are courting them to win a bet ... Thank you, Confessions of a Shopaholic, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, You've Got Mail, Aladdin, Failure to Launch, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, Over Board, The Beautician and the Beast. 

3. To find your true love it works well to be in a relationship with someone else first ... even if you or they are a two-timer and you totally destroy someone else's heart that is okay if it is all in the name of love. And somehow the viewer will not think you're a scumbag, even though two-timers are. Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted, America's Sweethearts, Made of Honor, Only You.

4. One big gesture generally makes up for everything you did wrong. Generally this gesture is singing. High School Musical, Music & Lyrics, Pure Country, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Hope Floats.

5. Those you think you despise are actually going to be the one you love the most. You've Got Mail, Anastasia, 27 Dresses, Australia, French Kiss, The Proposal, One Fine Day, What Happens in Vegas, Letters to Juliet, The Graduate.

6. Knowing each other well or knowing each other for longer than a day is not as important as one might think. Don't know them at all? No worries, it can still be love and result in happily ever after. Sleepless in Seattle, Titanic, One Fine Day, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, While You Were Sleeping, When in Rome.

7. True.love.does.conquer.all. Including fire-breathing dragons. DEATH. Large giants. Sea Beasts. Gaston {which is saying a lot}. And anything else you can think of. Sleeping Beauty, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Dear John.

8. Just as it is important not to care if the person you fall in love with is actually a human, it is also not a deal breaker if the person is DEAD or ABOUT DEAD. Ghosts, City of Angels, Just Like Heaven, Somewhere in Time, While You Were Sleeping.

9. It's easy to fall in love if you randomly keep running into the person. You've Got Mail, Serendipity, A Lot Like Love, When Harry Met Sally, It Could Happen to You.

10. You will fall in love if you have attended a wedding or have helped plan a wedding. Wedding Planner, Wedding Date, Wedding Planner, Four Weddings and a Funeral, My Best Friend's Wedding, Runaway Bride, The Wedding Singer.

11. Laws of nature need not apply. Kate & Leopold, The Time Traveler's Wife, Just Like Heaven, The Lake House, Love Potion Number Nine, Somewhere in Time, Enchanted.

12. If you dance, the chances of you falling in love increase 98.7%. Dirty Dancing, Dance with Me, Center Stage, Strictly Ballroom, Step it Up, Dancing with Wolves, Cutting Edge, Grease, Save the Last Dance

13. High school is a great place to fall in love ... a.love.that.will.neverd.die! High School Musical, Grease, Juno, Hannah Montana, Lizzy McGuire, The Perfect Man, Cinderella Story, A Walk to Remember, 10 Things I Hate About You.

14. Set your aim high. It is easier to fall in love with royalty than you might think. The Prince & Me, The Princess Diaries, What a Girl Wants, Beautician & the Beast.

15. If you don't know actual royalty, dating the President's daughter is a pretty good bet for love. Or anyone else who is otherwise famous. Chasing Liberty, First Daughter, My Date with the President's Daughter, Notting Hill, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Wimbledon, The King & I, The American President.

16. Don't worry if he is a scumbag. Your love for him will change him. A Walk to Remember, Made of Honor, French Kiss, Moon Struck, Beauty & the Beast, the King & I, The Cutting Edge.
So, get to it!


No need to thank me, just throw money in my general direction.

Oh, and don't give me any grief about The Notebook not making the list. I am just not sure where it fit. ;)


No, I have not seen all these movies. Especially not the rated-R ones. I generally don't watch movies. I think I know about most movies BECAUSE I cannot be bothered with them I ask others for the general premises of them.


Kat said...

Did you come up with this all on your own? It's fabulous!! I love it. Very witty and clever. I don't have money to give away, but you'll get gold stars in my book! This post might just be my favorite of your so far.

Allison and Josh said...

bahahaha! Loved it! One of your finest. And I promise I will finish my blog post tonight. I didn't get to finish it, and hit "publish" instead of "save draft."

madeleine said...

This is h i l a r i o u s! ha ha ha ha! I love it!!

Whitney B. said...

oh my too funny and all true. Very clever Mindy!
Happy Valentines Day!

Toni said...


DeeAura said...

All I have to say is the other day when I was flipping channels and The Notebook was on in about the middle, I found myself chucking a pillow at the tv because I suddenly got so angry at her for choosing Noah and not choosing Lon. (Is that how we spell it? I don't care.) The only thing Lon did wrong was fall in love with the crazy girl. Plus, everyone should always choose James Marsden's jaw over...well, pretty much everything else.

But really, I only watched about 15 minutes of it because then commercials came on and I lost patience with the whole ordeal anyway. :)

Avree said...

This is one of my favorite posts you've done, 100 gold stars for YOU!

Meisha Marie said...

That's impressive. I appreciate this post.

-and I am so glad you included Hannah Montana in this list. ;)

Meg said...

You have obviously watched a lot more movies than I have. There were some you listed that I don't think I've even heard of. Nonetheless, I've seen enough to cover all the points you listed.

daniela said...

You set the bar for my own blog very high with this post. I have to STEP UP my game. <3'd the post!

Erica said...

Where did you come up with this?! Absolutely hilarious!!

Lissa Clair said...

And I just laughed out loud again. I love these. Madly. And might just link it on my blog tomorrow.

Meg said...

Sorry to have caused you to add a disclaimer. :) I'm glad you haven't watched the R-rated ones (although I have no idea which those would be). I'd still guess you've watched more than I have.

I don't get Twilight, either. Perhaps I would if I ever bothered to read/watch it, but since I have no intention of doing that I'll just go on not getting it. :)

Brittnei Washington said...

This is funny but not funny. If we look at Hollywood, our society actually mirrors everything they do. Parents are thinking they should monitor what their kids are watching and listening to and from the looks of this, parents should be doing the same LOL. I've seen so many relationships in real life emulate some of these points in this list. And people say TV and music doesn't influence them. Bahahahaha! Thank you for sharing this with us at Countdown in Style! Don't forget to stop by to see if you are featured! xo

April @ 100lb Countdown said...

LOL! As someone who doesn't believe you fall in love, I was intrigued. Too many people look at movies and think that's how real life works. Key is, the movie ends! Thanks for sharing and linking up with Countdown in Style! Don't forget to come back on Friday to see if you were featured!


daniela said...

You've been featured at Countdown in Style: Feature Friday!

Thanks for linking up.

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