I want to ...

bungee-jump off the Stratosphere.

I will be in Vegas in about two weeks to watch my Aggies win the WAC Tournament. Annnd while there, I want to jump off the Stratosphere.

Problem is ... It's one-hundred dollah.

The question is ... is it worth it? I will be making my decision based on the responses I get from my lovely blog readers and comments left on my current Facebook status. Feel free to leave your two cents. Literally and figuratively. After all, if I am going to do it, I will take donations. ;)

I have gone sky diving and looooved it. It was only 50 dollah more. I guess that's where my question comes in of spending 100 for just jumping. :)


Kat said...

ok. here's the deal. I've done something like that in California and it's really awesome! It's super fun and the rush is amazing. I've also been skydiving before and THAT is a rush. Even the adrenaline you get from being up that high (let alone jumping) will give you the desired affect, but I think you should go for it. It's really fun and before you decide you don't want to do it, (for money purposes or whatever) find out how tall it is and how long the freefall will be. that makes a huge difference in the experience.

Debbie said...

Bungee jumping is a major thrill and it's fun, but the rush doesn't last long enough to be worth $100.00 unless you get to go more than once. Now, skydiving, that's more worth it.

Jared said...

I agree, skydiving is much higher on the awesome points scale than just bungee jumping off of a building.


Jumping out of a plane with a physical umbilical cord is nowhere as inherently risky or dangerous as free-falling, with your life depending on whether or not you remember to pull your chute and how to use it.

Only condition for going through with this plan: you include me in it. I shall be in Vegas during the appointed week as well.

Shan said...

I would have said yes but then you add the skydiving part and I think jumping out of a plane is way cooler.

Carter said...

I say you shouldnt one thing if you die your dead and your gonna waste all your money if you do so why would you

just sayin :)

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