I am so ready ...

for this week to be OVER.

It's just been one of those weeks.

To use a term I learned from my brother, it's been the week from "L".

Har. Har. Get it? I hope that wasn't too inappropriate for your eyes and mind.

Here's the run-down:


I found out that I had offended someone royally. In all honesty, I felt like {and still feel like} I did nothing wrong whatsoever. In fact, what was perceived to this person were words I never spoke and ideas I never even implied.


I found out that I had offended two someones royally. I spent a great deal of Sunday evening and Monday reflecting on what I could have possibly done for this to be a result of my actions. I am still left completely clueless.


My brother-in-law returned to the hospital.

Perk: I got to spend an entire evening with my nephews, it was fantastical.

But unplanned.

And I slept about two hours.


1. My windshield wipers froze to my windshield. Try as I might to be delicate with the unfreezing process, the wiper broke. It now makes a scratching noise {metal against glass, awesome} when I use them. I figured after work I would go buy some more. Oh, how foolish I was to think I would have time to do anything I wanted or needed to do after work ...

2. With 40 minutes left at work I am informed that I need to have a resume, my college transcripts, and a evaluation letter from an internship I had all turned in the following morning ... Yes, for a job I have had for three years.

Nevermind the fact that to order official transcripts at USU can take days and some serious dough. Nevermind that I hadn't logged onto Banner/Access for five years. Yes, five years.

Nevermind that the evaluation letter for my internship was also written five years ago.

Come on, peeps. After I receive my diploma should I really need to keep things that got me my diploma? Doesn't the diploma say it all?

I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, scrambling to put this lil' packet together.

3. I broke my bedroom blinds ... as in I pulled the little string, just as I always do, to close them so no one will see my nakedness as I get into my pajamas and the entire structure FELL to the floor. Try as I might, Mindy and all the king's men couldn't put the blinds back together again. Frown.

4. Sigh.

My Aggies lost. Ranked No. 17 in the nation. 17-game winning streak. Having s school and league record of 25 straight conference wins ... and they lost. To Idaho.

Stew summed it up well, "We missed the easy shots. We missed the difficult shots. We missed the open shots. We missed the contested shots. We just missed a lot of shots."

33% for FG. And 17% at the three. I do not think that will win you any game anywhere. P.s. If you understand what the first two fragmented sentences of this paragraph mean, give yourselves 50 gold stars.


1. I lost my car keys at work. I looked in my bag 15 times. YES. 15. I counted. I took everything out. I shook it, I held it upside.

I checked every drawer in my desk.

I checked under the donuts in my "inbox" trey.

I looked in the flower pot.

I interrogated the usual suspects of who would play a little trick on me.


I had my car doors unlocked to see if they were lost inside. $40 dollars later. Nothing.

I got my key code from the dealership and instructed the locksmith to create a key. $100 dollars gone outta my pocket.

Nevermind that I wouldn't be able to replace my house key, my parents' house key, and the Church keys {no, not the Priesthood keys ... just the ones that actually get you into the building, cupboards and the clerk's office}.

And then ... the keys showed up. Shoved in an obscure little pocket in my bag ... that I know I had not placed them in.

2. A friend and I took a client to go swimming and out to dinner after work, just for fun. She lives in the boonies {read as: the middle of no where!}. After we dropped her off, I got onto the freeway to head home. Having never driven that stretch of freeway before, I missed the exit and I am pretty sure I drove myself and my friend to Idaho. With no exits in sight until Pocatello. Whatev.

3. Four billion hours later we return home ... to find I have lost 40 dollah cash.


I ran out of my fancy contact solution the night before. What does this mean? It means it looks like I dressed my eyeballs up for our Valentine's Day party that is taking place today. They are flaming red.

And my arm fell off.

And my car keys ended up in that obscure little pocket again ... which, I did not place them in.

Okay, the second part is a lie. And the first and third parts ain't so bad. Buuut, still. I am just so ready for this week to be over!

However, I did eat Chik-fil-a tonight. And the flowers on the right side of my blog are pretty and make me happy. So, I will keep on, keeping on. Word.


Allred Mom said...

I'm sorry that your week has been so bad! Good thing it is almost over!
Think pink and look for the rainbow after the rain! It's out there.
Oh...and give me the 50 points...I understood the bball lingo!

Nicole Anderson said...

This post makes me want to reach through the computer screen and give you a BIG HUGE HUG! Ah Minday... What a sadness of a week! Good news, things are sure to get better from here on out! Oh, and I get 50 points for this post and I'm sure lots from others, but if I didn't comment do I just lose the points? Argh, me need more points matey!

Erica said...

That is a rough week. ouch. And I do understand your basketball terms. :)

Kat said...

tell me this. how come when you vent it doesn't sound so bad but when I let of a little steam it seems like everyone and their dog is upset with me for having a bad day? I don't even get it. I guess you vent better than I do. AND... you're more optimistic. I think you're great and I'm sorry you have a week from (as michael scott would say...) "a week from H-E-double hockey sticks-L-L."

Meg said...

You did say you would take the blame for all problems this year, didn't you? And now you can't figure out why people are blaming you that they are offended? :) I like the quote, that I have no idea the origination of, "He who is offended when offense is not intended is a fool. He who is offended when offense is intended is usually a fool."

I, too, understand the basketball lingo. So sad they lost. :(

Hope your next week is better.

Jared said...

I have to agree with Kat, your venting is classy and refined in a way that is anything but annoying.

If you need tools or anything for your blinds, let me know. Same thing for your car stuff.

Two suggestions:

1. Please continue to use the word "dollah". It is legit. Mostly because I thought I was the only one.

2. You owe me 50 gold stars. Pay up or else.

Lisa said...

Miss Mindy has her own blog...and such a cute one too! It's so fun to find you. I am sending you lots of good joo-joo for next week, hoping that things pick up.

jill said...

we have had similar crappy weeks. Here is to a new one!!

ps. my verification word is panies. almost like panties. hehe.

pps. is that offensive?

ppss. I really did end up losing half the stuff on my hard drive :(

ppsps. the aggies won last night. and hopefully will never lose again!

Avree said...

Well I don't feel sorry for you because you didn't have to potty train a 2 year old this week.

Erica said...

I hope you get a nap today. Naps always make me feel better.

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