Dear BYU ...

Hello, my name is Mindy and for the past 158 days I have been walking amongst all of you in this quaint city of Provo, Utah . Previously, I had spent the other 9,105 days of my life living in a town north of here called Logan, Utah. Not only did I attend preschool-high school there, but chose to continue my post-high education there as well at a very fine university.

So it was no surprise to my friends here in Provo nor the ones back in Logan when they heard the news that I was returning back to my roots. But before I leave I have to accomplish a list of 30 tasks, given to Check Spellingbe by one of those friends, Adam Paora George Ruri. Included on that list was writing a letter to the "Daily Universe" on something positive about BYU. And so here I am.

Without a doubt, the most positive thing about Brigham Young University occurred in 2000, for this was the year that the school colors got a makeover. BYU switched from its' inaugural royal blue to a color we in Logan know as pantone 289 (see the following website for a precise definition of the color http://www.usu.edu/prm/wordmarks.cfm).

I have always believed that this was the finest color for any university to have, so for me personally, it was refreshing to see BYU making the change. In fact, this color change actually made me feel less like a foreigner here in this Cougar-crazed place. Anytime I saw pantone 289 anywhere, it reminded me of Logan, Utah and I will forever be grateful for that.

So, all BYU students reading this (Mr. Ruri included): I love BYU's school colors! I love them!

Mindy Marie Thornley
Logan, UT


Mike said...

Did they publish this? And did it receive any negative backlash? Remember last year when BYU wore those throwback jerseys that were royal blue? I really don't think I am influenced by my resentment of stealing Aggie Blue, but they looked really good, and they should go back to that shade of blue.

Adam R. said...


I smiled and maybe laughed a little all the way through this post. All.the.way! I can't believe I had the time to think up this random list and with such detail in the beginning (definitions? really Adam of the past? Ha ha). What was I on?! It must have been life in the Provo, that's what. Ha ha.

I hope you enjoyed it and I'm glad you now have the memories. I think Chance and I were just concerned that you hadn't experienced the full Provo life in 6 months. We wanted you to squeeze it in over a few weeks. And, to be honest, I didn't think you'd do the list. I'm glad you did though.

By the way, did you copy and paste that baby? Because there are so many grammatical errors. Good job Adam of the past. Good job.

Toni said...

Well played :)

Erica said...

Go Cougars! ;)

Meg said...

I love it!

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