Writing Lab Goddess

Back in high school I was pretty much a big deal.

For starters, I won the watermelon seed spitting contest my senior year.

And then there was ... well. A lot of things that I just cannot think of at this time. But trust me, there were a lot.

One of my greatest accomplishments was becoming the Writing Lab Goddess. The Writing Lab was essentially a computer lab where most, if not all, the English classes would go when it was time, to get this WRITE.

I am not sure how it happened, but I was asked to be an aide in said lab. It didn't hurt that my high school BFF {oxy-moron, you bet} was also an aide in the lab. The same hour. As you can imagine, a lot got done while we were there. Among our accomplishments there were naming all the fish in the tank {as well as feeding them} and making a comment box.

Oh, and one time we were actually asked to dust a shelf ... in which, behind a painting on the shelf I found a rotten apple.

I also ...

won Solitaire 27 times {I kept track on a sheet of paper taped to the cupboard}.

While it looks like it was all fun and games, we did have a "supervisor" ... Or, so we led her to believe she was.

Her name was Andy. She loves us.

And we loved her.

So, imagine our surprise and horror when we came in one day for our designated hour and she was no where to be found! We knew immediate action had to be taken.

We may or may not have posted 50 or so of these around the school.

The drawing bears strong resemblance, no?

After our mass search, we were relieved when Andy returned ... walking into the lab with about 10 or so of the fliers in hand. Demanding to know how many were left.

We told her we would take care of it.

We printed off the following updated and posted it over the missing signs:

Just so everyone could stop losing sleep over that.

And with all of our love and concern for her, you'd think Andy would be grateful. But there was one day she wasn't. She basically told us we did nothing and things needed to change and they needed to change now.

Which resulted in this beautiful artwork:

We may or may not have posted this up by the Solitaire scorecard.

Which, made Andy realize how ridiculous it was to actually expect us to do something ... anything. And so she apologized. And we immediately went back to playing Solitaire.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of me winning the watermelon seed spitting contest ... So this is all you get today. But no need to thank me. Although, you are welcome. The end.

P.s. I actually left a note in a secret hiding spot in the Writing Lab to be found by who knows who someday ... I wonder if it is still there!


Cali said...

THOSE PICTURES ROCK. oh Emily. HA! Mindy- you too- SO FUNNY - and ANDI! Killing me.

Susan said...

Oh the writing lab. Memories! Not sure they are as entertaining as this particular one that you shared, but nonetheless...

Shan said...


Katie said...


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