My seven minutes of fame ...

That's how long it took Wikipedia to flag {and then eventually delete} the article that was written about me today.


Seriously? How many times have I said on this blog, "I am a big deal" or something similar? {10,000 gold stars to anyone who figures it out!} Well, clearly Wikipedia doesn't think so.

But we're kinda jumping ahead of ourselves. This is how it all went down ...

Mike: I just found out that one of the girls on Baywatch is LDS and has a temple marriage.

Mindy: Nooo ... how did you find that out?

Mike: Well, not the most credible source...but Wikipedia. But it has a lot of details, and you'd think she would change it if it weren't true.

Mindy: Do you think celebrities really read their own Wikipedia pages? I wish I had one.

Mike: I'll bet some do, or they have people that do it for them. It says she converted and was baptized as a teenager, was sealed to her husband Darrin Privett in 1997, and their daughter Aubrey Lin was born April 6, 2004 and son Dalin was born the following year.
Maybe I'll make a Wikipedia page for you.

Mindy: Do it. I will read it all the time

Mike: "Remember that if the article is not acceptable, it will be deleted quickly. Wikipedia has a new pages patrol division where people check your new articles shortly after you create them. Articles that do not meet notability guidelines and do not cite reliable published sources are likely to be deleted. Do not create pages about yourself, your company, your band or your friends, nor pages that advertise, nor personal essays or other articles you would not find in an encyclopedia."

Mindy: I am not your "band of friends" ... Haha. Oh, I might not be in an encyclopedia. But I could be.

Mike: In other words, you'd have to read it quickly. It says band OR friends, not band OF friends. :-)

Mindy: HAHAHA! I can have one. I was a DI athlete.

Mike: I was thinking that was our best bet. I did get in trouble with Wikipedia once though. Don't want them showing up at my door for revenge.

Mindy: What did you do?

Mike: I edited the skateboard article to say that it was invented by in 1955 by Calvin Klein. The next time I went to Wikipedia there was a banner at the top of the screen warning me from ever doing something so evil ever again ... I'm amazed they have a way of keeping track of what computer the change was made on. I mean, you don't log in or anything to make changes. Well, before we go any further, you should read this from wikipedia, "Putting your friends in an encyclopedia may seem like a nice surprise or an amusing joke, but articles like this are likely to be removed. In this process, feelings may be hurt" ... Will your feelings be hurt if it is deleted? And, "Percentage-wise, very few people are notable enough to be included in Wikipedia." They are really trying to get their point across.

Now, if you read through all of that, give yourself 100 gold stars. After all was said, this was done:

After approximately seven minutes this message appeared on the page, "A tag has been placed on Mindy Marie Thornley requesting that it be speedily deleted from Wikipedia. This has been done under section A7 of the criteria for speedy deletion, because the article appears to be about a person or group of people, but it does not indicate how or why the subject is important or significant."

Ouch. As Mike said, "No wonder people's feelings get hurt."

Dear Wikipedia:

In your opinion I am insignificant and

Duly noted.


Mindy M. Thornley


Whatev. My mom thinks I am important and significant.

It's sad to know that I haven't even lived one-third of my life span yet and already seven minutes of my designated 15 of fame are gone. I hope the last eight are really something to talk about.


P.S. I may or may not have updated my roommate's blog today. She hadn't in over five months and so I felt, naturally it was my duty to do so. You can read it here.


Andrea said...

you are a big deal. obviously.

Mike said...

I'll take 100 stars for reading the whole thing, and 100 stars for writing it, so really I read it more than once.

Shan said...

I get 100 stars for reading it and I think it is awesome you guys did that!

Bryce n' Jamie said...

Oh my heck Mindy. You and this mike kid make me laugh! Please feel free to give me all the gold stars you want! I thought it was very informative, I don't see why they couldn't find the significance in you life... I would defiantly count leg wrestling! Pssh what do they know...

Lissa Clair said...

They delete your wikipedia page if you're not famous? Lame.

Allred Mom said...

Wikipedia will regret the day they deleted your page when they find out, you really are famous! :) And, you've told us that about 413,789,658,237 times...I'll take the gold stars! :D

P.S. And you'll love my word verification...... "min fan"! Yep, I'm a Min Fan! She is famous you know!

Jeremy and Marie said...

I think you're important and significant too. I like the workout widget. :)

Katie said...

Can I have your autograph? I thought the article looked professional and interesting! I don't know why they would delete it. Sheesh. However, I now see why we can't use Wikipedia as a credible source in school papers, because some people might have the same idea but aren't as smart as you :) P.S. There is nothing wrong with blogging twice a year.....hahaha!

Erica said...

You two make me laugh. :) I love it.

daniela said...

this is seriously the greatest thing ever. very choice.

Meg said...

I have to claim my 100 gold stars.

I wonder what is required to "indicate how or why the subject is important or significant". I'm guessing there are a lot of Wikipedia posts that I would not consider important or significant. Even if they would also be in the encyclopedia.

Our Little Fam said...

Mindy- first off I give myself 100 gold stars, second that is hilarious! I did not know you could write your own wikipedia page. I wish I had known this a couple of days ago I would have tried to do it for Brandon for his 30th birthday. Maybe I still will. How funny.

Jo said...

Most excellent! 100 gold stars please, and I think you're a big deal. I was so excited to run into you in Chick-fil-A. =)

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