Work missed me ...

Which is actually no surprise. Of course they did. Who wouldn't?

Disneyland got the following email late Friday night after having only been gone from work for two days, one hour, and fifteen minutes ...

Dear Disneyland,

We would appreciate it greatly if you would give Mindy back to us. We are without entertainment at CETC and the Slacking Department has lost a valuable member. You clearly do not need her seeing how you are "The Happiest Place On Earth". Please tell your friends Knott's Berry Farm and Sea World not to let her in either, just in case she decides to go there after you expel her from the park.


CETC Behavior Area

It's nice to be missed, no? :)

P.s. The email might have been more effective had it actually been sent to Disneyland rather than my email account. But, whatev. :)

Who even knew there was a slacking department at my work, let alone knowing I was part of it!? I am honored to be a valued member as well as actually surprised I am on it since I finished my work that was due December first in October. Clearly there are not too high low of standards to be in this department. ;)


Kat said...

the blogging world missed you too. :)

Seth & Mel said...

No mindy you will show up at 0500 to run. Also you will be needed for babysitting, unless of course you have a hot date that particular night.

Peace Out Homie

Seth and Mel

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