Sea World

After a couple days in Anaheim we headed to San Diego. Our first day there we went to Sea World. I hadn't been to see world since I was liiiike, oh ... eight years old. My only memory of Sea World was that my little sister was wearing a cute sailor outfit, was being pushed around in one of those strollers your rent from the park, she had eaten popcorn, and she threw that popcorn up all over the place.

Good memory, no?

This trip involved no sailor outfits, no strollers, no popcorn, and thank goodness - no throwing up! I suppose all in all, that means it was a success!

There are obviously going to be a lot of sea creatures in this post. I don't know how interested any of you are with sea creatures ... but now is your time to get over it if you are not.

Checkin' out the penguin display ...

We also saw some polar bears.

And this big guy {a walrus}.

And here, wow ... Just wait until you see what you see here! It's a ...

Whale ... of some kind. I cannot remember now. It was biggish, but not too big. And white. Very white. And that's it. Hahaha.

And in the picture below?

Us and some ... fish. Yup.

Then my dad found this big container ...

Yes, I do drink about three gallons of milk a week. What of it?

Then we went to the Shamu show! P.S. Who knew Shamu was a boy? I did not!

Then we took a second to see these little buggers ...

You could feed them, for a couple of dollah! Pick up a nasty fish and fling it to them. I wanted to do it, but you could only do it at certain times of the day. :(

We also were able to watch a 4-D movie of Polar Express!

And because my dad looooves cows:

He always has said, "Cows are people too!" Yes, he grew up on a dairy farm and was a dairy farmer for half of his life. :)

Then, duuuuuuuun-nun! Duuuun-nun! Du-nun! Du-nun! SHARK EXHIBIT!

It was rough getting a picture of these babies. This was actually taken in an underwater tunnel. So this guy was swimming right above me!

One of my most favorite things of Sea World was this ...

I actually got to pet a dolphin! They also had an exhibit where you could touch sting rays! You can see my hand with the wounds on it {from work}. Hahaha. Sad.

And then, the only photo of all of us ...

Sea World was fantastic! There was so many more things we weren't even able to do, including a tram ride over the ocean! Also, the bestest part was a SNL skit/show they did. It's a must see, and be sure to arrive 20 minutes early because the pre-show is the best part of the entire park!

P.S. This day ended with a trip to ... H&M! Yay! :)


Kat said...

I want you to know that I had to actually scroll to the NEXT PAGE on your blog to get to this post. THAT is dedication, no? I love the pictures! You managed to get some great shots. OH, and H&M?! Girl, we are so much closer now that you love that place! BUT, let me tell you... H&M is better in the states. I went in England and the prices were rubbish! Way too expensive and horrendously picked over.

Meg said...

So, does your dad compare people to cows regularly? My husband does and I don't always find it an endearing quality.

My girls really enjoyed all the pictures of animals.

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