Hi, 2011 ...

I was wondering if we could be friends.

I am a pretty good friend, if needed, references could be provided.

As your friend I would resolute to do the following things during your existence:

1. Get back into running ... a minimum of three times per week {assuming angry Mr. Achilles plays along}.

2. Gain some self-control in areas such as shopping and eating out. A monthly budget with both will be in place.

3. Be as Tyra Banks would say, "Fierce." Fiercely obedient to those things that will help me become the person I want to become as well as the person the Lord wants me to become.

4. Remember the lesson I learned in 2003 from a dear friend, that often times in this life we need to see with our faith opposed to our sight.

5. Think about, speak to, and treat others the way I know He would want me to.

And with me doing all of those things, I only have one request of you ...

Will you resolute to bring me ... a husband?

I am thinking this has the strong potential of being a very, very beautiful relationship. In fact, if you follow through with your end of the bargain, I would talk about you for the rest of my life and vow to declare you the absolute best year of my entire life ... for all time and eternity.

Pretty sweet deal, no?

I cannot wait to see what you have to offer me. I am thinking it is going to be pretty good {and preferably tall, athletic and handsome}. ;)

Bring it, 2011.

I am ready.

Lots of love,

Mindy M. Thornley

P.s. I will leave any bebe expectations for 2012, but most likely 2013 {assuming you live up to your end of the deal}. So, please, don't leave them with your dirty work. kthanksbye.


Shan said...

I love it! I have a brother. ;)

Erica said...

You make me smile. I love it.

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