Green Christmas!

Well, it doesn't happen often, but it did today! Instead of a white, frozen, frost-bite-inducing winter that we normally have in Logan, Utah we actually had no snow and wildly green grass to wake up to!

I'd like to say this photo is of me running to my sister's house to open up presents, but that would be a lie. It was still dark outside when we opened presents. This was taken later in the day {yes, I am still in my pajamas ... and I am pretending to angrily run after my nephew. Hence, angry eyebrows}. I am not posting this to show you what my angry eyebrows look like, rather, to show you the green-ness of our Christmas!!

So, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.* And the beginning is this important detail: all photos in this post were taken from this adorable little thing:

Pink camera and pink camera case! Ah! So cute!

Annnd, my mama err Santa knows what I like ...

Even pink wrapping! Ah! Life is wonderful! And beautiful! Pink and sparkly wrapping! To die for!

This is the only photo of me with something ... I like it. And apparently, I am going to be pulling that attractive kissy-face while wearing it.

Let's be honest, Christmas is really for these two these days:

But I figure if you have seen one photo of them opening presents, you have seen them all so I will save you from that. But I will not save you from these:

We somehow always match, even without planning it. :) I love it.

It's super hard to get a photo with this little one. I am so thrilled he is happy and smiling, I don't even care he isn't looking at the camera. I love him!

He was thrilled with me this day because I got him a digital camera for Christmas. Yes, I am the best aunt in the world universe!

After opening gifts and having a fabulous breakfast provided by my favorite brother-in-law in the world, we have some chill time. I took a nap. Ate more food. And then it was time for our bigger celebration {which normally takes places Christmas Eve, but we waited to have it until Christmas night this year so that my little sister who now lives in Idaho could make it}.

We had dinner and I was given one more surprise gift ...

Meh. Seriously. Why would anyone want a pink deer with sparkly antlers? Way to ruin pink. Way to ruin sparkly.

After dinner we play games. Somehow, I aways end up being in charge of Christmas pictionary. I am not complaining. It is the most simple game ever. The players should just be happy that they didn't end up having to draw jubilee this year. Hahaha!

Another game we played is the one where you draw someone's name and then you have to draw that person. It was a little different this year considering my dad's brother was there, my sister-in-law's sisters, and my little sister's new boyfriend. Soo, some people didn't even know the person they were drawing.

I thought my sister-in-law's sister did a wonderful rendition of moi:

During and after this game my mom was laughing uncontrollably for about 10 minutes ...

Over this drawing of my dad ... At a USU basketball game. Yelling at the refs. But the reason she was laughing, check out that nose!!!

Now, this next part is for me and my continual attempt to fit into the blogging world. I just heart my mama's Christmas decorations. I love everything about them! I think they just look so fantastic. She really makes our home feel so Christmasy to me and so without further adieu here is some of what goes on in our house:

This one is a plug-in light! With glitter and sparkles!

I think my mom might be embarrassed if she knew I put these up ... Good thing she doesn't read my blog. And that my siblings and nephew who do aren't going to tell her. ;)

And amongst the decorations, the gifts and even spending time with family ... We must never forget the Greatest Gift we've all been given. The Gift which we celebrate on Christmas day. I hope your Christmas was filled with family, friends, peace, joy, love and Him. :)

* 50 additional gold stars if you can tell me where that song comes from!


Carter said...

Yes she did get me a digital camera and it is very good........Thanks

p.s.This is nephew 2

Kat said...

Sound of music, silly!! .."When you talk you begin with ABC when you sing you begin with Do re mi!" (ok maybe those aren't the exact words but honey, I'm all over it.) AMAZING pictures of Christmas Day! Can I be adopted into your family? :)

Meg said...

The Sound of Music, :) I am now singing "Do, a deer, a female deer" Are you sure you like that song?

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

Natalie Willmore said...

I love decorating and I LOVE your moms house. Where did she get that entertainment center?
I. want. it.

Allison and Josh said...

Mindy!! I love all the pink stuff involved with your Christmas-especially the pink camera case because guess what?? I have the EXACT same one!! We are awesome. I also have a pink camera, but it's a Sony instead of a Cannon but we are basically camera twins. I heart you

Allred Mom said...

What a beautifully, decorated house for Christmas! Your mom does a great job! It looks like she "starts at the very beginning!" (Sound of Music) Looks like a great time for all!

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