Downtown Disney

Now, I know you are going to think you have seen this first photo before, but you haven't.

I realize it looks almost exactly like this one, but again, it's not. That one was taken while in the airport. This one was taken on the airplane. Yes, approximately 20 minutes passed between both photos. But my nephew wanted one on the plane. So there you have it.

P.s. Remember how I am typing this at the Long Beach Airport - full of chaos and people? Ugh. I smell a toot. I am not gagging. I am not gagging. I am not gagging.

When we landed and checked in our hotel it was a wee-bit late and so we decided to check out Downtown Disney.

We went to Lego Land.

Woody is made out of Legos. I am not.

And, holy moly! Goodness of all goodness! We can across an amazing cupcake shoppe!

No, we didn't plan on matching that perfectly. We have like sister-ESP or something. The cupcakes were amasing. We decided we must go back every day and try a new flavor! I would have photo documentation of this throughout our trip ... Except the cupcake shoppe was on the very farthest end of Downtown Disney ... and our little legs were too exhausted after our long days to ever get us back there. Sadness.

But we're jumping ahead of oursevlves, now aren't we? We ate our little large cupcakes and headed back to our hotel to get rested for our next day!


Kat said...

Cupcakes are AWESOME!! Those look delicious. And I am glad you're not made of legos. :)

Meg said...

How did they miss a lego Mindy? Does no one pay attention to detail anymore?

Allred Mom said...

Wow! We never even made it to Downtown Disney...If I'd only know about the cupcakes!

Carter said...

Hey those cupcakes look so good!!!!!

ps. this is nephew two

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