At Disneyland we enjoyed rides such as:

Tea Cups! Nauseously fantastic!

Splash Mountain! I got drenched.

It's a Small World ... My least favorite ride ever. And no, not just because it had deer shrubbery.

Thunder Mountain!

And oddly enough, this is how the photo at the Haunted Mansion turned out! OooOoooh!

The Matterhorn! I made a bet with my nephew on this ride. He thought the monster inside now had purple eyes. I told him they were red. And if they were purple I would give him one dollah. And if they were red he would give me 10 dollah. Hahaha. They were red. :)

Then there were other things worthy of discussion ... The rides that broke down on us:

First one was the Haunted Mansion.

Then next was Splash.

Then Indian Jones broke down. As you can see, we got less enthusiastic with each ride that broke down.

Before heading to Disneyland my nephew heard somewhere that the center of the entire park was denoted by a gold coin somewhere on the draw bridge of the castle. Naturally, we had to find it:

And although I disdain It's a Small World, look what I found inside:

Big Blue! Yeah, yeah. Too bad the only photo I got of him was of his back end!

Then, probably my most favorite photo of the entire trip of my nephew:

He's on Splash and just so genuinely happy. Love.it.

And of course, I couldn't go without mentioning how adorable Disneyland looks at Christmastime.

And Sleeping Beauty's Castle ...

And then a wonderful, wonderful fireworks show!!

And I have saved the best for last ... This is what Christmastime would look like on crack:

Disclaimer: Don't smoke crack, kids. It's a ghetto drug.

And that my friends, is Disneyland as viewed by Mindy this time around. :)


Carter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kat said...

LOVELY!! I love Disneyland at Christmas time! I went when I was little and I don't think I appreciated it as much as I should have. Was it warm there? You're wearing short sleeves! So jealous. Oh I miss California.

Meg said...

The castle picture is very pretty. And my girls loved the fireworks pic.

Niki said...

It's a small world is also my least favorite ride ever. Don't you think it's a little creepy? Every time I ride on it I think of the movie "Psycho" and the creepy stabbing music. Ha ha. don't know why... basically I'm saying that if we ever go to Disneyland together, we can sit that one out :)

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