California Adventure

Okay, so I didn't take too many photos of us here. I don't know if I was photoed out from the day before or not, but whatev.

Some of the sights and rides California Adventure has to offer are:

Soarin' Over California. This one is top notch as you glide over a large screen of scenes of the beautiful state. Included are air blowing through your hair and smells likes pine trees and oranges when flying over an orchard. Wonderful!

Then ... dun, dun, dun!

Please take a moment to look at my mom. Left, top corner. Fantastic.

Then there is Screamin' ...

Not gonna lie, thought the roller coaster was so much cuter when it had Mickey Mouse ears. The entire park is actually under renovation as it has actually been considered a grand failure of Disney. This is believed to be in partly due to the fact that the only theme is the state of California, opposed to being themed super cute like the actual Disneyland Park.

We also rode on Grizzly Rapids.

We left the park for a bit to get a rest and to run some errands. We ended up in some little dollar store. On every wall there were these huge signs:

Sooo, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Mm-k. Thanks for being so clear, you trashy, dirty little dollah store.

We then went to dinner to one of our favorite places. It's a restaurant right outside of Knott's Berry Farm, which is also a wonderful theme park! But one we did not attend this trip

Anywhoot, a little photo at dinner with Nephew Two.

After dinner we headed back to California Adventure for the World of Color show!

Sorry about that bald man's head in the photos. :)

P.s. Also of note at California Adventure ... Monster's Inc. At the very end of the ride you should talk to Stella. Just sayin'.


Carter said...

Cool pictures of the World of color i wish i went because in stead i went to the hotel.....

P.s. this is nephew 2

Kat said...

True, Calfornia Adventure isn't as cute and lively as Disneyland. I hope they spice things up a bit.

Meg said...

There is a dollar store here that also insists (ask any cashier) that everything in the store is only $1. So I've never quite understood how they can sell the things for $15 or $20 that they have there.

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