Four years ago today ...

I spent nine hours in the Salt Lake City Airport.

I was not going anywhere.

I was not returning from somewhere.

I was not dropping someone off.

I was not picking someone up.

I was simply getting a Kiwi his Visa so that he could make the trip home to New Zealand from Salt Lake City via Georgia and Denver.

Confused? :)

Oh, well. All you need to know is that this act is what solidified me as Adam's bestest friend. Ever. And forever.

And it doesn't hurt for you to know that I had to wake up at 4:00am from Logan, Utah. Drive to Provo to collect his passport and other miscellaneous luggage then go to the airport.

Oh, did I fail to mention that as he literally ran from one flight to another, his luggage did not arrive. Not at all. I then spent the next three days locating it and getting it shipped to New Zealand. But don't worry, as I tried to find his luggage after he left at least three employees told me how adorable my fiance was. I didn't have the heart to tell them we were not engaged to be married. So I didn't.

This photo was taken near the beginning of the morning when all was still good. My friend Weedus came with me because she is a good friend.

We had been waiting a couple hours at this point as Adam's flight was delayed. Oy.

And this is pure frustration as at this point Adam and I had spoken for about forty-eight seconds and then ran off and I was left with this little paper that "helped" me locate his luggage.

Anyway, I am just posting this to remind Adam that I am his BFF ... lest he should forget. That's all. :)



So, I am a little behind in blogging. :)

I have post-dated my Disneyland vacation and Christmas! 100 gold stars for each you read/comment on and ... a promise of updating the gold stars by the New Year. Ha ha. It's the best I can do!


Or die.

There is a Christmas post, Downtown Disney post, Disneyland post, California Adventure post, Sea World post, and Wild Animal Park post ... Just so you don't miss any gold star earning opportunities! :)


Green Christmas!

Well, it doesn't happen often, but it did today! Instead of a white, frozen, frost-bite-inducing winter that we normally have in Logan, Utah we actually had no snow and wildly green grass to wake up to!

I'd like to say this photo is of me running to my sister's house to open up presents, but that would be a lie. It was still dark outside when we opened presents. This was taken later in the day {yes, I am still in my pajamas ... and I am pretending to angrily run after my nephew. Hence, angry eyebrows}. I am not posting this to show you what my angry eyebrows look like, rather, to show you the green-ness of our Christmas!!

So, let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.* And the beginning is this important detail: all photos in this post were taken from this adorable little thing:

Pink camera and pink camera case! Ah! So cute!

Annnd, my mama err Santa knows what I like ...

Even pink wrapping! Ah! Life is wonderful! And beautiful! Pink and sparkly wrapping! To die for!

This is the only photo of me with something ... I like it. And apparently, I am going to be pulling that attractive kissy-face while wearing it.

Let's be honest, Christmas is really for these two these days:

But I figure if you have seen one photo of them opening presents, you have seen them all so I will save you from that. But I will not save you from these:

We somehow always match, even without planning it. :) I love it.

It's super hard to get a photo with this little one. I am so thrilled he is happy and smiling, I don't even care he isn't looking at the camera. I love him!

He was thrilled with me this day because I got him a digital camera for Christmas. Yes, I am the best aunt in the world universe!

After opening gifts and having a fabulous breakfast provided by my favorite brother-in-law in the world, we have some chill time. I took a nap. Ate more food. And then it was time for our bigger celebration {which normally takes places Christmas Eve, but we waited to have it until Christmas night this year so that my little sister who now lives in Idaho could make it}.

We had dinner and I was given one more surprise gift ...

Meh. Seriously. Why would anyone want a pink deer with sparkly antlers? Way to ruin pink. Way to ruin sparkly.

After dinner we play games. Somehow, I aways end up being in charge of Christmas pictionary. I am not complaining. It is the most simple game ever. The players should just be happy that they didn't end up having to draw jubilee this year. Hahaha!

Another game we played is the one where you draw someone's name and then you have to draw that person. It was a little different this year considering my dad's brother was there, my sister-in-law's sisters, and my little sister's new boyfriend. Soo, some people didn't even know the person they were drawing.

I thought my sister-in-law's sister did a wonderful rendition of moi:

During and after this game my mom was laughing uncontrollably for about 10 minutes ...

Over this drawing of my dad ... At a USU basketball game. Yelling at the refs. But the reason she was laughing, check out that nose!!!

Now, this next part is for me and my continual attempt to fit into the blogging world. I just heart my mama's Christmas decorations. I love everything about them! I think they just look so fantastic. She really makes our home feel so Christmasy to me and so without further adieu here is some of what goes on in our house:

This one is a plug-in light! With glitter and sparkles!

I think my mom might be embarrassed if she knew I put these up ... Good thing she doesn't read my blog. And that my siblings and nephew who do aren't going to tell her. ;)

And amongst the decorations, the gifts and even spending time with family ... We must never forget the Greatest Gift we've all been given. The Gift which we celebrate on Christmas day. I hope your Christmas was filled with family, friends, peace, joy, love and Him. :)

* 50 additional gold stars if you can tell me where that song comes from!


Downtown Disney

Now, I know you are going to think you have seen this first photo before, but you haven't.

I realize it looks almost exactly like this one, but again, it's not. That one was taken while in the airport. This one was taken on the airplane. Yes, approximately 20 minutes passed between both photos. But my nephew wanted one on the plane. So there you have it.

P.s. Remember how I am typing this at the Long Beach Airport - full of chaos and people? Ugh. I smell a toot. I am not gagging. I am not gagging. I am not gagging.

When we landed and checked in our hotel it was a wee-bit late and so we decided to check out Downtown Disney.

We went to Lego Land.

Woody is made out of Legos. I am not.

And, holy moly! Goodness of all goodness! We can across an amazing cupcake shoppe!

No, we didn't plan on matching that perfectly. We have like sister-ESP or something. The cupcakes were amasing. We decided we must go back every day and try a new flavor! I would have photo documentation of this throughout our trip ... Except the cupcake shoppe was on the very farthest end of Downtown Disney ... and our little legs were too exhausted after our long days to ever get us back there. Sadness.

But we're jumping ahead of oursevlves, now aren't we? We ate our little large cupcakes and headed back to our hotel to get rested for our next day!


At Disneyland we enjoyed rides such as:

Tea Cups! Nauseously fantastic!

Splash Mountain! I got drenched.

It's a Small World ... My least favorite ride ever. And no, not just because it had deer shrubbery.

Thunder Mountain!

And oddly enough, this is how the photo at the Haunted Mansion turned out! OooOoooh!

The Matterhorn! I made a bet with my nephew on this ride. He thought the monster inside now had purple eyes. I told him they were red. And if they were purple I would give him one dollah. And if they were red he would give me 10 dollah. Hahaha. They were red. :)

Then there were other things worthy of discussion ... The rides that broke down on us:

First one was the Haunted Mansion.

Then next was Splash.

Then Indian Jones broke down. As you can see, we got less enthusiastic with each ride that broke down.

Before heading to Disneyland my nephew heard somewhere that the center of the entire park was denoted by a gold coin somewhere on the draw bridge of the castle. Naturally, we had to find it:

And although I disdain It's a Small World, look what I found inside:

Big Blue! Yeah, yeah. Too bad the only photo I got of him was of his back end!

Then, probably my most favorite photo of the entire trip of my nephew:

He's on Splash and just so genuinely happy. Love.it.

And of course, I couldn't go without mentioning how adorable Disneyland looks at Christmastime.

And Sleeping Beauty's Castle ...

And then a wonderful, wonderful fireworks show!!

And I have saved the best for last ... This is what Christmastime would look like on crack:

Disclaimer: Don't smoke crack, kids. It's a ghetto drug.

And that my friends, is Disneyland as viewed by Mindy this time around. :)

California Adventure

Okay, so I didn't take too many photos of us here. I don't know if I was photoed out from the day before or not, but whatev.

Some of the sights and rides California Adventure has to offer are:

Soarin' Over California. This one is top notch as you glide over a large screen of scenes of the beautiful state. Included are air blowing through your hair and smells likes pine trees and oranges when flying over an orchard. Wonderful!

Then ... dun, dun, dun!

Please take a moment to look at my mom. Left, top corner. Fantastic.

Then there is Screamin' ...

Not gonna lie, thought the roller coaster was so much cuter when it had Mickey Mouse ears. The entire park is actually under renovation as it has actually been considered a grand failure of Disney. This is believed to be in partly due to the fact that the only theme is the state of California, opposed to being themed super cute like the actual Disneyland Park.

We also rode on Grizzly Rapids.

We left the park for a bit to get a rest and to run some errands. We ended up in some little dollar store. On every wall there were these huge signs:

Sooo, imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Mm-k. Thanks for being so clear, you trashy, dirty little dollah store.

We then went to dinner to one of our favorite places. It's a restaurant right outside of Knott's Berry Farm, which is also a wonderful theme park! But one we did not attend this trip

Anywhoot, a little photo at dinner with Nephew Two.

After dinner we headed back to California Adventure for the World of Color show!

Sorry about that bald man's head in the photos. :)

P.s. Also of note at California Adventure ... Monster's Inc. At the very end of the ride you should talk to Stella. Just sayin'.
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