Mike says it best ...

In regards to my "Dear BYU Post" below which created quite a stir, Mike explains what I feel exactly. So I am letting him say it below. :)

As some of you are aware, Mindy recently posted a photo that was taken shortly after last night's USU-BYU game at the Marriott Center. Mindy has been very interested in the amount of controversy surrounding her post. As her good friend, and provider of the photo, she graciously asked me to weigh in as a guest writer on her blog.

Many who have posted on this issue have brought up the word "classy" quite frequently. They have stated that, in many ways, Utah State fans can be disrespectful, rude, and downright vulgar. I will concede that this is true in some cases, but also false in many others. Sweeping generalities are generally (ha ha!) never a good idea. So, I understand where the BYU apologists are coming from. The problem with their argument is that the statement depicted in the photograph below is different than a fan-made sign or chant. The difference is that a university can't control everything their fans say, but it definitely can control everything that gets on the scoreboard. USU has never said or done anything similar in a forum that it controls. A university should be above this type of behavior, regardless of whether it is public, private, religious, etc. The school should do its best to foster good
sportsmanship, not encourage superior attitudes in victory. This type of behavior is consistent with the NCAA Bylaws of Sportsmanship, which state that "NCAA member institutions shall refrain from making a public criticism of other
member institutions, their personnel, the Conference in general, or any game officials" and "Coaches and administrators shall make every effort to encourage their team in a positive manner." At any rate, the "he started it" argument didn't work with your mom, and it doesn't work here.

Now, granted, I highly doubt this was signed off by President Samuelson. Nonetheless, a university, like any employer, is responsible for the acts of its employees performed within the scope of their employment (look at that, I did learn
something in law school!) The smart thing for BYU to do in this situation would be to come forward, say what happened, and apologize. Now that would be classy.

Thank you, Mikey! :)

P.s. To give credit where credit is deserved, BYU released this press release today, apologizing for the fiasco. Now there's some of that class we were hopin' for. :)

Also, in regards to some implications that some of the comments could infer about me being a hypocrite ... I do not participate in the classless shenanigans engaged in by some students of my alma mater. I would have hoped that would have gone without saying. I just love me some Aggie basketball {actually, anything Aggie athletics, including football}.

But it must be said, if some deer would come to the Spectrum, things would be a little different. My manners would go out the window. P.s. We need to talk about deer soon. I know what you are thinking, "Mindy, we talk about deer all the time!" But more is to be said ... more to prove my point that they are plotting the demise of humans! Dun, dun, dun!


Andrea said...

who knew there was so much passion on the subject. ;)

Mike said...

Glad to see there was an apology.

Robby Spratt said...

Mike made some good points. He urged people to avoid sweeping generalizations, so in keeping with that advice, it is probably not a good idea to accuse all BYU students of being classless when one student in charge of the jumbo-tron is responsible.
By offering an apology and reprimanding the offending student, BYU has actually shown a lot of class. They should be applauded for this.
It is also true that student behavior should not be taken as a direct representation of the school itself, so it is equally unfair to say that USU is classless because of their fans.
I am really glad that some people refuse to participate in those disgusting cheers. I have many friends who do not participate, just as I did not participate when I was a student there.
I completely agree with Cali, who commented that those kinds of cheers made her embarrassed to be from USU. I felt the same way. Each time I went to a game my respect for individuals dropped drastically as I saw familiar people becoming hateful and malicious. Furthermore, I just wanted to go and enjoy an athletic event, watching two skilled teams compete to see who plays better, but each time my experience was completely ruined by the reprehensible USU fans.
I once wrote an entire blog post criticizing USU fans, but chose not to publish it as I thought it would offend many of my friends. Basically the point of the post was to say that any USU student who goes to the games, participates in the rude cheering, and then goes to church or institute or any other place of worship, is a hypocrite of the highest degree. Hypocrisy is a sin, and a pretty big one at that.
People at USU need to wake up and realize how embarrassing and inappropriate that kind of behavior really is.

Olivia said...

I love all the hypocritical comments on here. Very entertaining!

Geoff & Cami Brown said...

I for one kind of find the cheers USU does funny. I must be an evil person!!!! Oh well.

Taren said...

I think it's ridiculous that a) someone at byu put that on the scoreboard, and b) people acknowledged it and then took offense. This is why it's better to not support any team and agree that all fans are equally annoying... especially in Utah ;)

Meg said...

I find it kind-of entertaining how many people can get worked up over this. No, USU fans are not all nice. I think that can safely be said of any school with any kind of sports team. But, as you can see from the BYU issued statement, even BYU big wigs agree with Mindy. That is to say, they felt the message on the jumbotron was inappropriate and should never have appeared there.

jill said...

I knew you would post on this, i was too mad to do it but I was so not happy and had the exact same thoughts as you at the time. Glad there was an apology as well.

Kristin said...

Well, my comments are on the prev. post. But I will say that on that along the lines of your final (deer-related) comments, the "word verification" I had to type to submit my comment was, ironically, "deer...something." Deersch or something, and it made me laugh that it happened on your blog.

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