I have ...

One dad.

One mom.

One brother.

One older sister.

One younger sister.

One brother-in-law.

One sister-in-law.

And two nephews.

These nine people and myself are: mi familia.

We're a tight-knit bunch. The first five mentioned and myself have been keeping it real since 1987, when my little sister was born. My brother and his wife have been keeping it real since 1995. My older sister and her husband have been keeping it real since 1997. Our "newest" additions are not all that new anymore, having been around 10 and eight years respectfully.

Because we all seem to like each other considerably, we concluded to have our first formal/professional family photo taken since, oh 1991?

And here is how some of them turned out ...

The original Thornley fam.

Brother and sister-in-law

Sister, brother-in-law, and nephews

The nephews. Adorable, no?

The nephews with their favorite aunt. :)

The father and the mother


Mama and her girls

Style and his girls ... Yes, that is what we call our dad.

I think this is my favorite. :)

A big thanks to Cali for taking our photos! I have adored her work for just about ever now and was thrilled when it all worked out for her to take our family pictures! She does an amazing job! I would recommend her to anyone!


P.s. Aren't we glad that this post isn't as scandalous as my previous two? ;) Things I am learning to shy away from on Facebook & my blog: politics and BYU athletics! ;) If you know all of their names, give yourself 200 gold stars!


Meg said...

I love the pics with the bright fall colors. So pretty.

Whitney B. said...

I love the Thornley's the originals and the additions you are all great people. My favorite is you with your sisters! You can tell you are all related so beautiful! I know all their names and ages too! It is easy to remember! Love you Mindy!

Mellie said...

I love these photos! What a beautiful family you have!

Kristin said...

Cute! You make me wanna do family photos.

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