Three Mindys & a Cleopatra

I work for a fantastic company. It's fantastic for about one kjillion reasons. One of those kjillion reasons is because today ...

I got to eat one kjillion cupcakes.

Oh, and I was paid for it.

Oh, and I was dressed as Cleopatra, you may have heard of her ... you know, the Egyptian Princess.

Here are the said one kjillion cupcakes and Cleopatra herself.

And here are some of the best cupcakes of the day ...

When all was said an done, my plates {yes, plates} looked a little like this:

And while being the cupcake judge was amasing ... It still wasn't the best part of my day.

The best part was seeing these three crasy characters:

Can you tell who they are dressed up as? Pink shirts. Flowers in their hair.

And, heck yes they did win an award for best costume{s}.

Which, of course they did.
Anyone dressed up as Mindy should win best of show.
However, with all this goodness abounding me all day, there was one major low point.
Try finding this on my desktop after all the festivities were said and done:


Did I tell you only four deer have jumped out in front of me while driving this week?

Yes. Four.

In one week.

They are out to get me. There is no convincing me otherwise.

Don't even try.



Mellie said...

Oh how I miss Cache! And those cupcakes, they look amazing. People have some crazy cupcake making skills!

Danelle and Alex said...

Oh you are so awesome!! I love that they dressed up as you!

Michelle said...

Wow! Those are some impressive cupcakes. I wish I worked there!

Avree said...

Haha wow the one on the left looks just like you! (+ a little facial hair)

Shan said...

Great post! Watch out for those deer.

Meg said...

So this random comment has nothing to do with this post (although I do love all the costumes) but I just noticed that your last workout widget has a "Send Mindy Motivation" button. Was that always there or does it show up when you haven't posted a workout for a while?

Foulgers said...


Don't worry, I am forever an Aggie.. My mom bought the cheer outfit and brought it to me when Coco was born. Had to wear it.. How are you??


Katie Jane said...

Ha! That is so great that they dressed up as you. So funny. Where do you work? I want to eat a kajillion donuts....maybe I could do that at my work!

Kristin said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! The 3 Mindys absolutely slayed me. I love it. I can't believe how great thsoe guys are. And the food- holy crap! Amazing!!

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