Oregon Coast

One of the days while in Eugene we took an hour drive to the coast.


We went to a little beach front that was near the Haceta Head lighthouse. Here is the beach front ...

We then headed up a short trail to go inside the light house. Here is a photo of all of Brooke's nieces together as we went up the trail. They are so stinkin' adorable I can hardly stand it. Plus, in this photo, they are all wearing pink. :)

Here I am with Brooke on the way up, and yes, I am wearing my winter coat. I am so glad I brought it. I was wearing four layers of clothing ...

Some views while going up the trail:

The next two photos are of us actually in the lighthouse. We got to go up a fantastic winding staircase.

And this photo is taken at the top of the lighthouse with the ocean in the background.

After our lighthouse tour we played on the beach a little bit.

The girls found a little cave. I asked the lil' one {up front} to sit by her sisters. At first she was willing to oblige, but then realized she wanted her own rock. Oh, I love her.

I just happened to find this in the sand. I have no strong feelings about Justin Bieber one way or the other, I am just amused that someone else clearly does and felt like this was the place to announce those feelings. :)

Ah, gorgeous!

Oh, and one more photo ... because it's kinda disgusting ... Check out all the sea lions.

Can you see them? Hundreds and hundreds of sea lions gathered together. I don't know entirely why I am so grossed out by this. :)

We then headed to Florence. It has the most adorable little streets and tourist shops. We ate dinner at a restaurant on the Siuslaw River. And then handed to some sand dunes nearby.

We would hike to the top of the dune and then hold hands with the little girls as we ran down ... which involved a lot of falling. :) It was cold. Wet. And fantastic.

This was our last adventure with Brooke's family as the following morning we headed back to Portland to spend some time with Adam.

P.s. On the way home we played, "I am going to grandmas and I am taking with me ..." The idea is you go through the entire alphabet, bringing an item that starts with each letter. The lil' one, who is not even two just yet, would always say, "My turn! My turn!" So we would ask her what she was going to bring and every time she would say, "A apple!" By the end of the game, she was taking on kjillion apples to grandmas house. It was fabulous. :)


Mike said...

Sea lions are the deer of the ocean. Probably why you were disgusted with them.

Allred Mom said...

Those sea lions make lots of noise, too! What a fun day! We love the Oregon Coast!

Jo said...

Oh, I miss the ocean! What a beautiful coast.

Lissa Clair said...

haha. the justin bieber line made me chuckle... i guess there's a website dedicated to finding women who look like him? my husband showed me a few comparisons. it was funny. you would probably like it.

Shan said...

3 - It looks gorgeous there! Man oh man, I think this just confirmed my desire to go to the Oregon coast.

Meg said...

Beautiful, indeed. I think, though, that I would rather go when it is warm.

MPk said...

The Oregon Coast was where I went for one of my first P-Days in the mission field! Oregon is amazing - I am so jealous!! Did you see Haystack Rock?

Kristin said...

Cool! SO pretty! I've been in that same lovely place! I love it. The sea lions grossing you out is a hoot. Maybe it's their slimy texture and huge snorty nostrils.

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