Mindy & the Marching Band

We have a tumultuous relationship ... the marching band and I. It's probably been that way since my freshman days of college. My earliest memory of conflict would be when I was on the USU cross country team. The diagram below will help us all see said conflict:

You can see key locations on this map such as Romney Stadium and the Ralph Maughan Track. the orange-outlined box is where the marching band would practice. Every day. Now, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but fact: the shortest point between two distances is a straight line {as indicated by the light pink line}. This light pink line indicates the route the cross country team would have preferred to run after our long, strenuous 16-milers. Buuuut, because we didn't want to bother the MB, we would abandon everything our ninth-grade geometry teachers taught us, and we would cut around the corners, as to not interfere with the MB.

Look at us be nice.

But did that stop the MB director from yelling at us with his mega-phone from his Rameumpton, "Will the cross country team please go around the MB practice field?"

1. Uh, yeah, look at the dark pink route. That's the one we took.

2. You practice in a parking lot, not a field. So, let's just get that straight. Bad blood continued to stew when I moved into Oakridge Apartments. The following map will depict the cause:

I lived kiddy-corner across the street from where the MB would practice. At 7:00am. On Saturday morning.

Oh, how I began to loathe this program. As Max Hall would say, "I don’t like [the MB]. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything."

I can remember one choice Saturday that around two in the afternoon that the residents of Oakridge began to gather outside in the parking lot. The MB usually practiced until 10:00am at the latest or so ... but seven hours after the horrific sound began, it was still going. None of us could figure out why the madness wouldn't stop.

Finally around 5:00pm, after 10 horrific hours of non-stop MB music, I had to see what was going on. Try a high school MB competition. It went on for over 10 HOURS people! 10 HOURS! Who in their right mind can listen to that music for 10 HOURS!?

So, with this history ... you can imagine my disdain where at every home football game the MB band plays before the game starts and during half time. Every game. And mind you, USU football really hasn't had a winning season in about 15 years. Soooo, the MB and that, it's a pretty ugly sight, for Mindy anyway.

I can remember one game that was particularly draining for me. So when the MB came out at half time I began my normal MB ranting, "Ohhhh, I loooooathe the MB. I haaaaaaaaaate the MB. Why aren't these earplugs wooorking?"

All was going fine and dandy.

Until the people sitting in front of me turned around and said, "We drove six hours to hear our daughter play in the MB and it is really difficult to enjoy it with your commentary."

Insert foot into mouth.

I apologized for being out of line and didn't say another word while my family members {who are quite used to my MB antics} tried to hold in their laughter, because of course this situation would happen to me. Of course.

So, why my rantings about the MB today? Did I insert my foot into my mouth again? Well, not that I am aware of {unless any of you reading this are part of the despised MB} ... But holy nightmares of all nightmares!

Imagine my complete horror when I walked into Romney Stadium Friday night to watch my Aggies demolish the BYU Cougars ... and I saw not one but two MBs!!!!

USU, being the classy institution it is, invited the BYU MB to join them at half time. I tried to get a wide-angled shot of the madness, but there were so many MB members I could not fit them into one shot!

So, a video will do. :)

Yeah, there should never be that many MB members in one location. Especially any location I am in!

But, all hope is not lost ... I came across this little man with a big idea to block the sound of the MB ...
Brilliant, no? And he's adorable. I kinda want to eat him. And no, I don't know who he is. I kinda know who he belongs to {an adorable gal that was a few years older than me in high school}. I guess my point is this: if you see me sporting these on October 23rd, don't judge. kthanksbye.


Mike said...

Well, unlike Max Hall, the Marching Band hasn't poured beer on your family. Feel fortunate for that!

Avree said...

I want to eat that little boy up too! I loved this post, once again you crack me up!

Lindi said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I lived right across the street from them for 4 semesters. :)

Melissa said...

You had me at Rameumpton. :)

(And I'm sorry about the dumb MB.)

Whit said...

hi mindy!
i love your post, as we usually complain about the MB too.
ps that's my nephew, his name is owen and is about the cutest little boy you'll ever meet!

Tetris Queen said...

"yelling at us with his mega-phone from his Rameumpton"


Candice said...

Thats my cute nephew too!!! Love it Go OWEN!!

Michelle said...

I bet you just grimace every time you hear, "Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome out Utah State University's AGGIE...MARCHING...BAND!!!"

This post was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!

jill said...

It's funny because my parents came to that game (as BYU fans) and my mom spent like 4 years in Cougar band when was at YBU and even she couldn't stand the marching bands.

Allred Mom said...

Um....did you know that I played in the BYU Marching band??????
I have to say...I enjoyed it! When you're in the trumpet section, you can make all kinds of noise! lol

Ginna Liechty said...

I love this post mostly becaue because you thought my little boy was post worthy and also because I too have feelings toward the marching band. As an aggiette we had to practice with them. Let's just say our theme was, "Basketball will make Football worth it." I'm pretty sure I remember him yelling at the cross country team for being in the parking lot & when is that band announcer going to graduate???

Kristin said...

How did you do the map on the blog???? I think you need noice-cancelling headphones, baby! Love the story.

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