Maybe I will reconsider ...

my post on Mike. After all, I do adore his humor.

Mindy: Have you helped me win my dresses yet?
Mike: I am waiting.
Mindy: For what?
Mike: The deadline so I only have to "like" a women's clothing company for as little time as possible.
Mindy: What if you forget?
Mike: I don't forget.
Mindy: What if you get a TBI before then?
Mike: I'm concerned that you would be more concerned about your dresses than about my brain.

Hahaha. Word to Mike.

And word to me winning my dresses. If you haven't already, please help me out! Instructions are located here. P.s. For my avid blog and FB followers, I apologize for the monotony {of the contest, as well as this conversation that is my current status}. While I am apologetic, I am sure you will all get over it so I don't feel too badly about it. :) Oh, and happy October, peeps!


Erica said...

And word to you reconsidering. I thought so. ;)

Kristin said...

HAhaha- I like Mike. And if he gets a TBI I'll treat him for speech therapy. Word.

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