I won!! I won!!

I won the Shabby Apple contest!
Three free dresses!
Three free accessories!
Dare I say it?
Best day of my life!
Thank you to everyone who voted for me ... I now almost know what it feels like to be Sally Fields, "You like me! You really, really like me!"
Now I just need to decide what to get. Any advice? :)


Allred Mom said...

And, yes, we do Like you! In fact, we heart you!
Have a great time shopping!

Geoff & Cami Brown said...


that is my hand spasming from excitement!

I adore this post!!!!!!

BreAna Palmer said...

hoo hoot, that is so exciting!

Olivia said...

Oh my heck. I am so jealous right now. Green with envy actually. I LOVE Shabby Apple but I am too poor... or too cheap to buy anything from there!!! Good luck deciding. Everything is darling!! Congrats!!!

Avree said...

Woohoo! You are going to look adorable in those 3 dresses! You should do a post with you modeling them!

Meisha Marie said...

That is so insanely exciting!

My advice (but would probably be different if I knew what kind of dresses you already own...) is.....

A basic black dress.
-my favorite being this: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-720-black-oak.aspx

A statement dress
-this one is an amazing color!: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-702-cider.aspx

A slightly sophisticated dress
-This one would be great to layer a cardigan and tights with for fall/winter: http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-247-slate.aspx

You MUST show us which ones you decide to get!

Mellie said...

It's like a dream come true, and I helped you get there, hahaha! Congrats that really is awesome!!!

Shan said...


Kat said...

YAY I'm so happy for you!! You're cool. I'm glad I know you.

Kat said...

ok here's what I say. I just looked at the website. Here's what I say:

The Kuna Crest Dress

Five to nine

and the maple.

DARLING. would look cute on you.

Allison and Josh said...

That is awesome!! I love their stuff! I wish I could afford more of it. I'm so happy you won! You deserve it. Oh and I hope you pick at least one pink item :)

Kristin said...

Yeeeeayy!!! I knew you would win it. Gosh, they have so much good stuff to chose from. Something really classic and chic. Something your daughters will still want to wear. And something you can but a big fat belt around!

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