Did I mention?

That USU beat BYU in football ... 31-16.

To a sold out crowd.

Who all knew the same dance.

It may have been the first time that it has happened since 1993 {the win, that is, not the dance}.

Yes, mathematicians: that's 17 years.

Big day for Aggie athletics.

So big that I was able to talk him into taking this photo ... by telling him this might not occur again until he is 25. Hahaha ... and I, I'd be a lot older than that. :)

My favorite signs of the night may have been a toss up between:

"Independent = No one likes you!"

"Stole our school colors, stole our QB ... We just want our colors back."

Word to USU.

{And yes, spell check knows USU is an acronym buy not BYU. Muwahaha!}


Avree said...

Haha, that was a great day in Cache Valley! Matt, Spencer, and I watched the game at Aggy's and stayed the ENTIRE game because we were so thrilled that USU was winning!

Lindi said...

Beautiful! that is all that need to be said.

Meg said...

That was a great game. I don't even like football, but I had to watch. I think my favorite part was how ESPN kept showing the fans getting out of the stands at the end of the game, all ready to rush the field. There were about ten cops trying to keep them under control. Yeah, right. We just beat BYU for the first time in 17 years and you think you can keep the fans under control?

daniela said...

You made my true blue blood (the more southern shades of blue) laugh. This was a choice post.

The Allred Family said...

I loved every second of that game! GO AGGIES!

Kyle, Amy, and Joshua said...

yes, we live in a far away land now....and YES we were cheering every step of the way. Go Aggies! Wishin' we were there!

jill said...

hahaha we just want our colors back. *love*

Allison and Josh said...

hahaha! Love the posters! And that game made me so happy.

Kristin said...

Oh how I love our USU cheers and Spirit.

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