Three Mindys & a Cleopatra

I work for a fantastic company. It's fantastic for about one kjillion reasons. One of those kjillion reasons is because today ...

I got to eat one kjillion cupcakes.

Oh, and I was paid for it.

Oh, and I was dressed as Cleopatra, you may have heard of her ... you know, the Egyptian Princess.

Here are the said one kjillion cupcakes and Cleopatra herself.

And here are some of the best cupcakes of the day ...

When all was said an done, my plates {yes, plates} looked a little like this:

And while being the cupcake judge was amasing ... It still wasn't the best part of my day.

The best part was seeing these three crasy characters:

Can you tell who they are dressed up as? Pink shirts. Flowers in their hair.

And, heck yes they did win an award for best costume{s}.

Which, of course they did.
Anyone dressed up as Mindy should win best of show.
However, with all this goodness abounding me all day, there was one major low point.
Try finding this on my desktop after all the festivities were said and done:


Did I tell you only four deer have jumped out in front of me while driving this week?

Yes. Four.

In one week.

They are out to get me. There is no convincing me otherwise.

Don't even try.



Reality TV ...

Over a broad span of time I have informally concluded why I will never be a reality TV star. For one small reason or another, there always seems to be one minor detail why I cannot be on this show or that show. This is not an all-inclusive list of that ... but it gives you a general idea.

America's Next Top Model: I could never be on this show because I don't get giddy excited over stupid things {pink things and things that glitter are not stupid, okay?}. I really think this must be a requirement because everyone on the show does ... Plus, I don't get giddy excited when Tyra Banks walks into a room {technically, I have never been in a room that she walks into ... but I bet my right kidney that I wouldn't}.

The Biggest Loser: I want to be on this show most ... but for self-evident reasons {hopefully they are self-evident} I won't. And that self-evident reason is because: I clearly would win every challenge. Because my muscles have muscles.

Bachelor/Bachelorette: Now, I know what you are thinking ... this must be the show for me. Buuut, I don't drink alcoholic beverages and I wear too many clothes for this show. Oh, and at the end of the show when the chosen man picked me {because, come on ... why wouldn't he?} ... he wouldn't be proposing marriage ... after six weeks, I'd consider potentially be dating him exclusively and holding his hand. But that is as far as it would go. And the "hot tub" scenes would involve me and the man playing the toothpick game {ever played that in a pool? Super fun!}.

The Real Housewives of NJ/DC/LA/Georgia/Wherev: Not a housewife. And if I was ... something is telling me they wouldn't have "The Real Housewives of Logan, Utah." Just a hunch.

Survivor: Again, I wear too much clothing for this show. And as indecisive as I am, I wouldn't know what my "luxury" item would be. I want to say dental floss. Or chocolate milk. Or bug repellent. Or something pink. Or my noise maker for bedtime. And I like to show every day {crasy, I know}. And wash my hands with soap and clean water. Frequently. So, Survivor.is.out.

16 & Pregnant: We cannot turn back time, kids. And if we could, I doubt I would turn it back to meet the qualifications of this show.

America's Got Talent: Unless America want to see a lot of parallel parking or leg wrestling, I don't think I am making it to call backs.

American Idol: Truth be told, it took me like 30 seconds to even remember the name of this show. I can sing two songs ... The China song and the Mexico song {which I have been trying to finish up the lyrics of for the last, oh .. eight years}. So, I suppose I could make it to round two. Right? But after that, I would be plum out of material.

American Gladiator: Hello, 1995. I actually think I could be on this show. But I don't think it runs anymore, so ... another opportunity for reality TV down.the.drain.

Dancing with the Stars: Shocking as this may be ... I am primarily unknown to most of the world's population. Even with my 961 FB friends {and the 200 others I purged not too long ago}.

Project Runway: I have a secret. I can sew. But most of this talent has been spent on making adorable running shorts while I was in high school. Oh, and the Lola doll, of course.

So You Think You Can Dance: Well, actually. No. I don't. We all remember this fiasco from last Halloween, don't we?

Top Chef: My Ramen Noodles have flames. Enough said. {I kinda want to say, "'Nuf, said" right there. Buuut, that was even too much for me.}

Wife Swap: I suppose if my mom was up to it, we could switch her out ... So, while not a main character on the show I could be on it ... and just spend an unusual amount of time at my parents' house while the crew was there to get as much air time as possible.

So, while I know in the back of your minds you all were secretly hoping I would be on TV. I just don't see that happening. I am trying to move forward with this knowledge in my life and I hope you can too.


And, no ... I do not watch all of these shows. However, a show I am going to watch today is on Oprah. No, I don't watch her regularly. However, today: a Von Trapp family reunion from the Sound of Music!! Can't beat that, can you??


Oregon & Washington ...

You know you want it.

You know you've been waiting for it.

The update of my oh so -fabulous vacay.

Contain your excitement.

Oh, heck. You don't need to.

Feel the excitement.

100 gold stars for each post you read.

Eugene, Oregon aka Track Town, USA

Brookie and I flew into Portland, Oregon last week for a couple reasons:

1. To visit her brother and his fam in Eugene.
2. To visit Adam in Portland.
3. To see Hayward Field and Track Town, USA.

We headed to Eugene first to accomplish tasks one and three.

Brooke's sister-in-law and brother were amazing to us! They gave us a bed to sleep in, food to eat, took us to see the sights, completely went out of their way to make our experience great. And it was. I loved every second of it.

Since we arrived late at night, the first thing we were able to do was breakfast the next day at Off the Waffle. Uh-maz-ing {phonics, people, use phonics}. I had a massive waffle with whip cream six inches high, bananas, pears, and strawberries. Mmm-mmm-mmm! If you are ever in Eugene, EAT THERE.

One of my major concerns of going to Oregon was manifested at Off the Waffle:

Ah! What do put where?? I sometimes still struggle with just garbage and recycling bins! But thankfully, there were detailed instructions for tourists:


After breakfast, Brooke's sister-in-law, Audrey took us to:

Yes, the Nike running store. This is significant because Nike was founded in Eugene, Oregon. And, as the title of this post suggests, Eugene, Oregon is known as Track Town, USA. The people here live and breathe Track & Field and distance running. It is like the running mecca of the world.

Inside the store was also a little history museum of sorts ...

Here we are in front of one of the walls that talked about Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight, and most importantly, Steve Prefontaine {confession: I may be slightly hugely obsessed with Pre}.

Also in the the store ...

These are the actual shoes that Pre wore at the NCAA championships! Bill Bowerman was his coach and would hand-make shoes for his athletes ... with his waffle iron. :)

Now, this next part might seem a bit morbid, but I am going to need you to get over it. :) After Nike Running, Audrey took us to Pre's rock.

This is the location that he ... died. Yup. And I went there. And people go there all the time. In fact, runners inspired by Pre leave behind memorabilia such as their medals, flowers, and even their running shoes {medals on the left, shoes on the right}. The plaque reads, "For your dedication and loyalty. To your principles and beliefs. For your love, warmth, and friendship. For your family and friends. You are missed by so many and you will never be forgotten."

Later on in the day we went on a hike ... it was beautiful.

And this next picture just because she is sooo cute ...

This is one of Brooke's nieces. I had left my sun glasses on the couch. She looks much better in them than I do. :)

One of the last things we did in actual Eugene was ... the thing I wanted to do most. Whenever someone would say, "If you could go to one place, where would it be?" I would answer without hesitation, "Hayward Field!"

Dream.come.true. No lie. I was in complete awe. I felt warm fuzzies. I knew Hayward Field was true. :)
And there's Pre ... Brooke was such a good sport. I hate being in photos alone, so even though she probably couldn't care less about these things, she stood in photos with me. I heart her. And Pre. And Hayward Field. :)
Ah, soo pretty. All of the world's best and elite runners have raced on this track. And now ...

I was there too!! While there we ran into Ashton Eaton. He's a big deal. Just sayin'.

Visiting Eugene really, really just made my life. I am such a track nerd. And I accept that. And you should too. :)

After Eugene, we headed with Brooke's fam to the Oregon Coast ...

Oregon Coast

One of the days while in Eugene we took an hour drive to the coast.


We went to a little beach front that was near the Haceta Head lighthouse. Here is the beach front ...

We then headed up a short trail to go inside the light house. Here is a photo of all of Brooke's nieces together as we went up the trail. They are so stinkin' adorable I can hardly stand it. Plus, in this photo, they are all wearing pink. :)

Here I am with Brooke on the way up, and yes, I am wearing my winter coat. I am so glad I brought it. I was wearing four layers of clothing ...

Some views while going up the trail:

The next two photos are of us actually in the lighthouse. We got to go up a fantastic winding staircase.

And this photo is taken at the top of the lighthouse with the ocean in the background.

After our lighthouse tour we played on the beach a little bit.

The girls found a little cave. I asked the lil' one {up front} to sit by her sisters. At first she was willing to oblige, but then realized she wanted her own rock. Oh, I love her.

I just happened to find this in the sand. I have no strong feelings about Justin Bieber one way or the other, I am just amused that someone else clearly does and felt like this was the place to announce those feelings. :)

Ah, gorgeous!

Oh, and one more photo ... because it's kinda disgusting ... Check out all the sea lions.

Can you see them? Hundreds and hundreds of sea lions gathered together. I don't know entirely why I am so grossed out by this. :)

We then headed to Florence. It has the most adorable little streets and tourist shops. We ate dinner at a restaurant on the Siuslaw River. And then handed to some sand dunes nearby.

We would hike to the top of the dune and then hold hands with the little girls as we ran down ... which involved a lot of falling. :) It was cold. Wet. And fantastic.

This was our last adventure with Brooke's family as the following morning we headed back to Portland to spend some time with Adam.

P.s. On the way home we played, "I am going to grandmas and I am taking with me ..." The idea is you go through the entire alphabet, bringing an item that starts with each letter. The lil' one, who is not even two just yet, would always say, "My turn! My turn!" So we would ask her what she was going to bring and every time she would say, "A apple!" By the end of the game, she was taking on kjillion apples to grandmas house. It was fabulous. :)

Portland, Oregon

After three-ish fabulous days in Eugene we headed back to Portland to play with Adam. We checked into our hotel and found something interesting waiting for me.

This envelope with a "CONFIDENTIAL" stamp on it, dun, dun, dun! For reasons unknown to us all, I somehow managed to get Brooke and I free breakfast vouchers at the hotel {it was fabulous!} as well as $100 off my next stay at the Marriott of my choice! I am never this lucky, I think it had something to do with being in the same vicinity as Adam.

While waiting for Adam to get off work I opened our hotel room curtains to see the view. It was uh-may-zing! I couldn't help but notice though, this view.

Uh, yeah ... You could see directly into the apartment across the street. At one point I saw a man go into the bathroom and saw him lift the toilet seat. At which point I began laughing hysterically, turned the other way and told Brooke. It was then I noticed a woman in the apartment over on the bed.

"Please tell me she is alone!" says Brooke.

"Uhm, she's not ..."

"Please tell me she's on the bed alone," says Brooke.

"She is - oh, wait. A man just got onto the bed with her."

Don't worry folks, they were just reading a book and the paper. Thanks to this experience, Brooke and I made sure our curtains were closed. :)

After stalking the neighbors, Brooke and I did a little shopping while waiting for Adam. I found myself a happy, happy owl shirt. I felt it was very Oregon-ish.

When we did meet up with Adam we went the most well-known and famous restaurant in town. It has been there since the 1800s.

Don't worry ... I will not tell you how much we each spent on our dinner because Brooke told me to just forget about it. And I am trying too. :) It was very yummy though. :)

After dinner Adam took us to Voodoo Donuts. It was in a very sketchy part of town with transients just sitting there, asking for money and food.

And here is photo documentation of why Voodoo Donuts is called Voodoo Donuts.

Hahaa! Isn't that fantastic? They have all sorts of crasy donuts. Maple bars with bacon {tried it ... only because Adam demanded that I did}, Captain Crunch donuts, Fruit Loop Donuts, and my favorite ... Oreo with peanut butter donuts! Yum!

We decided to wrap the night up early as to hit the road early the following day to head to ...

Seattle, Washington

When discussing our plans for our weekend in Portland, Adam gave off several suggestions  One of which, needlessly to say, was Seattle. I was up for anything. But when Brooke and I found out that H&M in Portland wasn't opening up until November, yet there were three in Seattle, we made definite plans to go.

A tad worried about what Adam would think ... We didn't tell him about the H&M plan until we were well on our way to Seattle. But being the sweet man he is, he had no concerns whatsoever and let Brooke and I spend as much time there as we wanted.

And Brooke and I spent as much money there as we wanted. :)

After H&M we head to Pike Place Market. It's a world reknown farmer's market and one of the oldest in the nation.

It is also the place famous for fish throwing, which you have probably seen on TV or in movies...

It is also home to many other amazing things:

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous and for a vase that would cost you 60 bucks in Logan, Utah you could purchase for 10 dollah at the market.

After wandering the market for a bit we decided to catch a ferry in Elliot Bay/Puget Sound.

When Brooke saw these she said, "Orange giraffes!" Hahaha, I couldn't agree more! :) They are actually used to take cargo off ships.

The landscape view of Seattle from the Ferry, including the Space Needle.

After our Ferry we went to dinner at a little restaurant on the bay. And then we met up with Adam's friend, Dan {remember how Adam knows someone from every state? Seriously.}. I made Dan take us somewhere that I always try to go when visiting places with one of these ...

Gorgeous, no? :)

Dan then took us a little ouside of Seattle to see the next sight, Snoqaulmie Falls.

And in case you weren't aware ...


Then, for some reason we decided to take solo photos. Brooke went first. She said that when you take a solo photo you must pose and cannot be entirely serious.

Adam followed in style ...

And I ... I just never know what to do in a photo alone ...

So I do my Austic-hand waving thing. :)

After the falls we headed back to Seattle to Dan's favorite restaurant, which was very Seattle-authentic. It was called the Five Spot. The best thing about the restaurant is that every quarter they change their decor completely. And it's themed. The night we went it was ...

Which Brookie loved because DC is where she served her mission! We sure learned a lot about the American Presidents while waiting for our food. Annnnd, in the womens' bathroom you learned all you wanted to know about the Republican party and in the mens' the Democratic!

After dinner Dan took us to an amazing spot to overlook the city at night ...

Look how amazing the moon looks! P.S. It was fruh-eezing!!

We then made the 2.5 drive back to Portland ...
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