A Bend in the Road ... by Nicholas Sparks

This was my first exposure to anything Nicholas Sparks {besides A Walk to Remember film style}. Annnd, it is what I would consider your typical romance, cutsie romance novel.

Typical and predictable. Which doesn't mean it is bad, especially if you like the romance novels. If you like romance novels, I am sure you have already read this one and loved it. :) I guess I just learned that I do not love romance novels. :) I didn't hate it, but just not my cup of tea. Which is ironic in and of itself because I don't drink tea either. :)

Other problems: I don't do ... intimate scenes. Not in movies, not in books, not in real life {haha} ... I just don't do them. There was only one in the book, and it wasn't so bad. But, still. Because of this, I would never recommend this book to anyone. Also, a character in the book breaks the law {and not just like TPing someone's home or jay-walking, rather a major felony committed} and the victim of the crime chooses not to turn in the criminal. I am all about forgiveness, but there must be justice. And this book completely turns it's face on justice. So, I just couldn't be bothered with that aspect of the book.

Perks: a lesson on forgiveness and ... and ... what was the other thing? Oh, hahaha! A lesson that TRUE.LOVE.CONQUERS.ALL {while I think I genuinely believe that, I don't believe I learn it in a fictional novel. I believe we learn it in real life stories like this one}.

Grade: D- {if you don't like romance novels like me}; If you do like them, ask someone else for a grade, I clearly cannot give an accurate, non-biased opinion. :)

Recommendation: Negative. Intimate scene too intimate unless you are personally sharing it with your spouse. :)

And that's all, folks! Congratulations on surviving {if you did}.


Whitney B. said...

You are pretty impressive with your reviews. Very informative! Oh and I have to agree with you on all your running comments.

Daren said...

In my opinion, all things Nicholas Sparks should be avoided. :)

Erica said...

sounds like this one was written with the "Hollywood" philosophy on relationships. Maybe Hollywood will make a movie out of it someday?

Meg said...

Interesting reviews. I'm really not into romance novels, either. There are some things that just aren't that interesting to read.

(I did read all your reviews.)

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