Just to clarify ...

As amazing as the alliteration of Mike & Mindy sounds and even though the blog address mikeandmindy.blogspot.com is near perfection ... we are not dating.

We have never dated.

We probably never will date.

Which leads us to this conclusion: Mike & Mindy will not marry.

Now, we realize that some of you may be extremely heartbroken over this. After all, we have been told by one kjillion people 10 kjillion times that we should be dating.

But we are not.

Can you live with this?

Because we can.

Also, I live in Logan, Utah ... and I currently have no plans of that changing.

So, no ... I will not be moving back east.

And, no ... I will not be moving westward to California.

Yes, I know there are a lot of "older" single LDS folk there.

But I am staying here.

Wow. I am glad we clarified those two things up. :)

Aren't you?

Also, it must be said ... I am sooo over a certain girl staring me down every time she sees me. I sometimes want to at a high decibel state, "STOP GLARING ME DOWN AS IF I KILLED YO MAMA AND ATE HER FOR DINNER!" Not a yell {that would just be rude}, but still a high decibel ... just to get my point across.

And, in case it needs to be clarified ... I have never killed anyone's mother, thus resulting in a negative on the eating them for dinner part too.


Andrea said...

i will not be writing a letter but i really liked the whole as if i just killed yo mama and ate her for dinner. made me laugh.
that is all.

Erica said...

mikeandmindy.blogspot.com? I didn't even think of that. That is presh. I guess I don't get it. Why not? You're single, he's single. You're awesome, he's awesome. You're cute, he's cute. What's the hold up?

And why won't you let the rest of the world dictate who you will marry or live? Geez, you are so selfish.

ps there are lots of single people in Logan. You just need to pick one! (haha, just kidding, I may be dumb, but I DO know it's not that easy)

pps maybe when the odds are 1 kjillion to 1, you should reevaluate.

ppps I love you Mindy!

Avree said...

Oh thanks for clearing all those things up! I'll stop glaring at you now!

DeeAura said...

You make me so happy. Hahha...and P.S. I love that "believe" quote on your sidebar...DeeAura probably needed that today. Thanks.

Shan said...

Don't you love it when people decide who you should marry?

Meg said...

Alliterations don't always a match make. :) I once dated a guy named Greg. All my friends were so upset when it didn't work out because our names rhymed so of course we should get married. After all, happiness in marriage is entirely dependent upon how well your names sound together. Right?

Kristin said...

Is it me glaring at you? PS: I will soon reply to yoiur PF advice- I have much to say!

Kat said...

Well my name doesn't really rhyme with Travis, but I did date a guy by the last name of Call. If we got married, I'd be Kat Call. Hmmmm.. that just doesn't work. So now my last name is Cook. Do I cook? No. Do I plan to become an expert chef just because my last name is Cook? No. HEAVEN'S NO.

And I'm pretty sure we have something in common. There's a girl that stares me down every time I walk be her, as well. Maybe it's the same girl? Either way, let's do a tag team. I'll poke her eyes out, and you can kick this other mean girl in the shins. Sound great? OK, now EXECUTE!

P.S. my word verification was BLORG!! haha! like blog, but not. BLORG. love it. Mindy I love your blorg. it's so fun to read your blorg posts.

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