In case you have forgotten

there is never a dull day at my work.

Recently there has been some Fall and Halloween decor going up around our building. Including, but not limited to this gem:

It's a scarecrow {in case you couldn't tell}. To be more specific, it's a Mindy scarecrow.

Curly hair. Pink shirt. Luscious red lips. Clearly all me, right?

Oh, and what is that small little detail by my leg?


Oh, and check out this door ...

Fancy how those holes got there?

Try a client's ... head.

Again, I say ... there is never a dull day at my work. Never. I hope your work is just as exciting as mine. :)

This may be conceited ... but I just adore my new blog layout. I love just staring at it. For longer periods of time than I dare admit. One month from today: USU BASKETBALL. Tomorrow: USU vs BYU. Football. In Logan, Utah. Bring it. {Unfluid, unconnected thoughts? You bet. Nothin' new there.}


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

that hole has been there since summer program of all summer programs, correct?

Katie said...

Yesssss...you decided to listen to my vote on blogging about work. Shweet. As usual, quite entertaining :) Love the decor! And ouch is all I can say about the holes in the door!

Avree said...

Haha I love the Mindy scarecrow! I knew right off it was you because of the pink shirt. Tonight Spencer were on a walk and there were 6 deer hanging out on an empty lot, I tried to ignore them but Spencer yelled at them and they all just stared as I walked by. Creepy!

Avree said...

*Spencer and I

Kristin said...

The scarecrow is hillarious. I lie you calling it a gem. Also, that was one POINTY head!

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