Did you know rotten milk ...

is the stuff the best relationships are made out of?


In July 2006 Adam Paora George Ruri was willing to smell a questionable carton of milk for me to determine if it had gone sour. It had and in his charming New Zealand accent he said, "Oh, Mindy. This milk is rotten! Don't drink it."

And the rest is history.

A good history. A really, really good history.

I loved him even though he was a Cougar and he loved me ... because, why wouldn't he? ;)

And even when I moved home after my short six-stint-stay in Provo we remained close, including many, many road trips to New Mexico and last summer when I flew out to DC to see him.

Well, two Fridays ago he went out and did something silly.

He made the 120 miles distance between us 728.3 by moving just outside of Portland, Oregon.

On his way out we met up in the infamous Brigham City for brunch.

And since Brookie is from the BC she came too.

And while we waited for Adam to arrive Brookie and I sat outside of Bert's Cafe playing Checkers {yes, Checkers ... we don't know how to play Chess}.

Take note of the pink bench behind me ... I was tempted to sit there ... until realized the seat part was actually covered in plastic. Hmm ... sketchy.

This is how Adam found us when he arrived. Isn't she adorable? I think she is adorable.

We had a fantastic going-away brunch for Mr. Ruri ... although, we are having a difficult time actually getting rid of him, considering as I type this, he is back in Utah. It kinda reminds me of Diesel Deursch {the throwing coach at my high school}. My freshman year he "retired" from coaching track so we threw him a huge retirement party. But the lo and behold, the next year he was out coaching again. Chello, you cannot come back after we throw your party. Well, evidently, you can ... but still.

Although, truth be told ... Adam can clearly come back whenever he wants. After all, it is a free country. And us Utahans sure do heart him a lot. Especially my mom. She wants me to marry him. Adam, have I ever told you that before? This might be an awkward place to tell you ... Oh, well. ;)

Here is a photo of us at Brooke's house after brunch.

I heart you, friend! And miss you already, even though you are here again. ;) And to the rest of you, if you are looking for the best of best friends out there, test them out first with smelling rotten milk. It works, I say. It works! :)



1. My violin lesson teaching roommate moved out! Hence, I no longer need to move.

2. I get sustained to my new calling tomorrow, at which point I will inform you what it actually is. 

3. I need to find motivation to do something I really, really don't want to do. How do I do that? Any ideas would be helpful. kthanksbye.


Susan said...

Mindy...just do it! Good advice, eh? You are welcome.
Oh, and you are right about smelling milk as a true sign of friendship. I always make clark smell the milk for me...sometimes even when I know it is perfectly ok. You know...just to make sure he still loves me. (:

Shan said...

So what's yours?

Allison and Josh said...

If you need motivation to do something, just plan a reward to give yourself when you actually do it! Maybe a cute new pink shirt or something fun like that!! Can't wait to hear about the new calling!

Krystal said...

I think you should marry him too!! And I'm sorry for being s blog--slacker. I've got some serious catching up to do. It was great seeing you last night :)

Kristin said...

Oooh, I heart AR too. What a cutie.

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