A Bend in the Road ... by Nicholas Sparks

This was my first exposure to anything Nicholas Sparks {besides A Walk to Remember film style}. Annnd, it is what I would consider your typical romance, cutsie romance novel.

Typical and predictable. Which doesn't mean it is bad, especially if you like the romance novels. If you like romance novels, I am sure you have already read this one and loved it. :) I guess I just learned that I do not love romance novels. :) I didn't hate it, but just not my cup of tea. Which is ironic in and of itself because I don't drink tea either. :)

Other problems: I don't do ... intimate scenes. Not in movies, not in books, not in real life {haha} ... I just don't do them. There was only one in the book, and it wasn't so bad. But, still. Because of this, I would never recommend this book to anyone. Also, a character in the book breaks the law {and not just like TPing someone's home or jay-walking, rather a major felony committed} and the victim of the crime chooses not to turn in the criminal. I am all about forgiveness, but there must be justice. And this book completely turns it's face on justice. So, I just couldn't be bothered with that aspect of the book.

Perks: a lesson on forgiveness and ... and ... what was the other thing? Oh, hahaha! A lesson that TRUE.LOVE.CONQUERS.ALL {while I think I genuinely believe that, I don't believe I learn it in a fictional novel. I believe we learn it in real life stories like this one}.

Grade: D- {if you don't like romance novels like me}; If you do like them, ask someone else for a grade, I clearly cannot give an accurate, non-biased opinion. :)

Recommendation: Negative. Intimate scene too intimate unless you are personally sharing it with your spouse. :)

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