Ballerinas vs. Super Heroes

On Saturday, October 9th there will be a little 5k race in Logan, Utah.

I am out of shape.

Recovering from an injury.

But am still going run it ...

Because I get to run it in a costume.

My point in writing today is to ask for your opinion {yes, my blog has become that lame blog where the last three posts have been forcing you to make decisions for me ... don't knock until you try it}.

Should I be a ballerina?

Or should I be a super hero? I have a cape from high school that has been itching to get out of storage under "my" bed at my parents' house {I saved it because I knew someday it would come in handy. And I say "my" because my parents moved after high school and there is a room designated as mine as well as a bed ... and they are mine ... for my surplus items that don't quaintly fit into my little house}.

Wow. Let's stay on topic, Mindy.

So ... perk of a Ballerina ... it's PINK and CUTE.

Super Hero it's blue ... and I don't think will be as CUTE. But it does say, "Magnificent Mindy" on the back with silver glitter.

Yes, I did just say glitter {I love things that sparkle!}.

And that's all I've got. You must make your decision based on that knowledge.

Ready ... set ... go!

P.s. Boo and Jo, I think you both should run! AND: if you have not helped me out in my cause, please read the post below so I can win the most magnificent contest ever! GOLD STARS AT STAKE. Please, please, please ... not that I am begging you ... But I am. :)

Also ... does anyone know how to shift the actual post of my blog {along with the right hand column} like 1.5 inches to the left? Hahaha. Gold stars at stake for that too. Big shout out to Em who was able to put the ADORABLE flowers on my layout! I LOVE IT. Please tell me you do too. Really though, validate how cute it is for me. ;) Haha


Mike said...

Super hero.

Meisha Marie said...

If that cape didn't say Magnificent Mindy on it then I would say ballerina. But no. Go for the Glitter!

as for the blog, I'm no help. And i LOVE the flowers!

Kristin said...

Ballerina of COURSE!!

As for the shifting, it's very technical and difficult, but you can get into the design and settings HTML code and change the numbers of the widths until it looks good to you. There must be another way, but that's the way I did it.

daniela said...

If you go to the Advanced Layout of your Design of your blog Layout, you can change the 'Blog Width' there. Peace. (and you should be Magnificent Mindy, because it's true!)

Meg said...

I'm voting for ballerina. I want to see pictures. :)

Allred Mom said...

Personally, I think you should be a "Super Ballerina"! Then there is not decision, because you can wear both! Covers all the quaundry of this post!

As for the blog questions...well...I am of no use! I don't understand HTML...Who invented that? Just put what it really is!

Shan said...

Super Hero!

DeeAura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeeAura said...

I have this urgent NEED to see that cape, so I choose super hero. :) Also...seriously cute blog! But honestly Mindy, it's always cute. (sheesh with the validation...hahha...oh wait...I can't talk...bahhah) Also, more boy news will come soon enough. :D

Tetris Queen said...

Why would you pass up an opportunity to wear such an awesome cape?!

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