In case you have forgotten

there is never a dull day at my work.

Recently there has been some Fall and Halloween decor going up around our building. Including, but not limited to this gem:

It's a scarecrow {in case you couldn't tell}. To be more specific, it's a Mindy scarecrow.

Curly hair. Pink shirt. Luscious red lips. Clearly all me, right?

Oh, and what is that small little detail by my leg?


Oh, and check out this door ...

Fancy how those holes got there?

Try a client's ... head.

Again, I say ... there is never a dull day at my work. Never. I hope your work is just as exciting as mine. :)

This may be conceited ... but I just adore my new blog layout. I love just staring at it. For longer periods of time than I dare admit. One month from today: USU BASKETBALL. Tomorrow: USU vs BYU. Football. In Logan, Utah. Bring it. {Unfluid, unconnected thoughts? You bet. Nothin' new there.}


Ballerinas vs. Super Heroes

On Saturday, October 9th there will be a little 5k race in Logan, Utah.

I am out of shape.

Recovering from an injury.

But am still going run it ...

Because I get to run it in a costume.

My point in writing today is to ask for your opinion {yes, my blog has become that lame blog where the last three posts have been forcing you to make decisions for me ... don't knock until you try it}.

Should I be a ballerina?

Or should I be a super hero? I have a cape from high school that has been itching to get out of storage under "my" bed at my parents' house {I saved it because I knew someday it would come in handy. And I say "my" because my parents moved after high school and there is a room designated as mine as well as a bed ... and they are mine ... for my surplus items that don't quaintly fit into my little house}.

Wow. Let's stay on topic, Mindy.

So ... perk of a Ballerina ... it's PINK and CUTE.

Super Hero it's blue ... and I don't think will be as CUTE. But it does say, "Magnificent Mindy" on the back with silver glitter.

Yes, I did just say glitter {I love things that sparkle!}.

And that's all I've got. You must make your decision based on that knowledge.

Ready ... set ... go!

P.s. Boo and Jo, I think you both should run! AND: if you have not helped me out in my cause, please read the post below so I can win the most magnificent contest ever! GOLD STARS AT STAKE. Please, please, please ... not that I am begging you ... But I am. :)

Also ... does anyone know how to shift the actual post of my blog {along with the right hand column} like 1.5 inches to the left? Hahaha. Gold stars at stake for that too. Big shout out to Em who was able to put the ADORABLE flowers on my layout! I LOVE IT. Please tell me you do too. Really though, validate how cute it is for me. ;) Haha


A Bend in the Road ... by Nicholas Sparks

This was my first exposure to anything Nicholas Sparks {besides A Walk to Remember film style}. Annnd, it is what I would consider your typical romance, cutsie romance novel.

Typical and predictable. Which doesn't mean it is bad, especially if you like the romance novels. If you like romance novels, I am sure you have already read this one and loved it. :) I guess I just learned that I do not love romance novels. :) I didn't hate it, but just not my cup of tea. Which is ironic in and of itself because I don't drink tea either. :)

Other problems: I don't do ... intimate scenes. Not in movies, not in books, not in real life {haha} ... I just don't do them. There was only one in the book, and it wasn't so bad. But, still. Because of this, I would never recommend this book to anyone. Also, a character in the book breaks the law {and not just like TPing someone's home or jay-walking, rather a major felony committed} and the victim of the crime chooses not to turn in the criminal. I am all about forgiveness, but there must be justice. And this book completely turns it's face on justice. So, I just couldn't be bothered with that aspect of the book.

Perks: a lesson on forgiveness and ... and ... what was the other thing? Oh, hahaha! A lesson that TRUE.LOVE.CONQUERS.ALL {while I think I genuinely believe that, I don't believe I learn it in a fictional novel. I believe we learn it in real life stories like this one}.

Grade: D- {if you don't like romance novels like me}; If you do like them, ask someone else for a grade, I clearly cannot give an accurate, non-biased opinion. :)

Recommendation: Negative. Intimate scene too intimate unless you are personally sharing it with your spouse. :)


Please help!

I have entered to win a contest ... but to actually win, I must have your help!

What I will win: three free dresses and three free accessories from Shabbyapple.com.

Why I need your help: Whoever can get the most of their friends to "Like" Shabby Apple, Facebook style, between now and October 5th will win the contest.

So, I need all of you to:

1. Go to this website {http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Shabby-Apple/56291792791?ref=ts}.
2. Click on the button that says "Like" at the top.
3. Lastly: send an email with Mindy Thornley as the subject line to contests@shabbyapple.com

I know it's kinda a pain {and annoying that I have pestered you on here and Facebook}. But I would love, love your help! 500 gold stars to anyone who does it! {Even if you read my blog and don't really know me, please do this! If you do know me, obviously you ARE going to do it!} ;)

Please, please, please!! :)


So ...

Remember when I went here? And remember how I told you here {before I left} that I was taking eight books with me and I would provide you with a review of all eight books?

Remember how I lied and haven't done that ... yet? Well, they are written {and have been since March}. I just haven't posted them.

My point in blogging today is this: would you still be interested in a random book reviews? P.s. Remember, I cannot do anything in moderation. So, you will get all of them in one sitting {naturally, gold stars will be awarded for making it through the monstrosity ... p.s. Yes, I know, I need to update the gold stars}.

And I am at a loss of what to blog about next:

1. Things Walmart has taught me
2. A trend I've noticed in high school
3. A manager at Lee's Market Place
4. Some more rantings about the enemy
5. Or a common recurrence at work

You tell me ... and you will get 10 gold stars.


No need to tell me that this one of the most boring blog posts I have ever posted. I already
know. :)


And I laughed out loud ...

And I think know you will too ...

Go here.

Thanks, Andrea. :)

P.s. I was trying not to gag at the fact that he had gauze in his mouth. Ugh. How did I ever survive this surgery myself?


Just to clarify ...

As amazing as the alliteration of Mike & Mindy sounds and even though the blog address mikeandmindy.blogspot.com is near perfection ... we are not dating.

We have never dated.

We probably never will date.

Which leads us to this conclusion: Mike & Mindy will not marry.

Now, we realize that some of you may be extremely heartbroken over this. After all, we have been told by one kjillion people 10 kjillion times that we should be dating.

But we are not.

Can you live with this?

Because we can.

Also, I live in Logan, Utah ... and I currently have no plans of that changing.

So, no ... I will not be moving back east.

And, no ... I will not be moving westward to California.

Yes, I know there are a lot of "older" single LDS folk there.

But I am staying here.

Wow. I am glad we clarified those two things up. :)

Aren't you?

Also, it must be said ... I am sooo over a certain girl staring me down every time she sees me. I sometimes want to at a high decibel state, "STOP GLARING ME DOWN AS IF I KILLED YO MAMA AND ATE HER FOR DINNER!" Not a yell {that would just be rude}, but still a high decibel ... just to get my point across.

And, in case it needs to be clarified ... I have never killed anyone's mother, thus resulting in a negative on the eating them for dinner part too.



On Saturday I went to a little shin-dig known as a Colors concert.

For those of you who know me well, know that I am obsessed with Colors. I have been since my junior year of high school. We will not go into how long ago that was. But let's just say, it has been a long time.

They "officially" stopped playing music together back in 2004-ish. I might have almost cried when my BIL broke the news to me as gently as he could. It was a dark day in music that day. I somehow survived ... which is wonderful because that enabled me to go to their little reunion concert on Saturday in Sandy.

First off ... I saw Krystal there. I saw Erika there. I saw Dee there. I met up with Tristan there. And I went with Mikey. Good people. Good music. Ah. It's one of those things that I just cannot believe how happy something so simple makes me.

Here I am with Mikey as we were waiting for the show to begin.

Here I am with Krystal. Yes, I realize that next to her I look like Goliath. I am almost 6'0" and she is 5'0".
The men of Colors ... Brian, Ryan, and Russ.

And this next picture exists because Mike loves taking photos of himself, holding the camera at a special angle with his sexy/pouty face.

Forgive me for my look, I am still learning. I refer to this as the "19-year-old girl Facebook profile photo."

P.s. If you are not a 19-year-old girl ... You should not have a Facebook profile photo with a seductive/pouty face. You simply should not.

Anywhoot: I had a maaahvelous time. Everyone should listen to Colors music. I want to be married and buried while listening to them. ;)

The end.


Wow, where have I been?

I didn't even realize I have gone an entire week without posting.

I have been a wee-bit busy.

This is going to be a short one ... I will post again tomorrow. With pictures. Contain your excitement.

P.s. I was called to be the Relief Society President. For the third time. I forgot how when in this position I feel like I am always with a clip board. One is currently sitting two feet away from me.

Also, I just bought my tickets to Oregon!!! I leave in a month from today!

I feel like there is something else I should tell you. I just have no idea what that is.

Peace out, peeps.


Did you know rotten milk ...

is the stuff the best relationships are made out of?


In July 2006 Adam Paora George Ruri was willing to smell a questionable carton of milk for me to determine if it had gone sour. It had and in his charming New Zealand accent he said, "Oh, Mindy. This milk is rotten! Don't drink it."

And the rest is history.

A good history. A really, really good history.

I loved him even though he was a Cougar and he loved me ... because, why wouldn't he? ;)

And even when I moved home after my short six-stint-stay in Provo we remained close, including many, many road trips to New Mexico and last summer when I flew out to DC to see him.

Well, two Fridays ago he went out and did something silly.

He made the 120 miles distance between us 728.3 by moving just outside of Portland, Oregon.

On his way out we met up in the infamous Brigham City for brunch.

And since Brookie is from the BC she came too.

And while we waited for Adam to arrive Brookie and I sat outside of Bert's Cafe playing Checkers {yes, Checkers ... we don't know how to play Chess}.

Take note of the pink bench behind me ... I was tempted to sit there ... until realized the seat part was actually covered in plastic. Hmm ... sketchy.

This is how Adam found us when he arrived. Isn't she adorable? I think she is adorable.

We had a fantastic going-away brunch for Mr. Ruri ... although, we are having a difficult time actually getting rid of him, considering as I type this, he is back in Utah. It kinda reminds me of Diesel Deursch {the throwing coach at my high school}. My freshman year he "retired" from coaching track so we threw him a huge retirement party. But the lo and behold, the next year he was out coaching again. Chello, you cannot come back after we throw your party. Well, evidently, you can ... but still.

Although, truth be told ... Adam can clearly come back whenever he wants. After all, it is a free country. And us Utahans sure do heart him a lot. Especially my mom. She wants me to marry him. Adam, have I ever told you that before? This might be an awkward place to tell you ... Oh, well. ;)

Here is a photo of us at Brooke's house after brunch.

I heart you, friend! And miss you already, even though you are here again. ;) And to the rest of you, if you are looking for the best of best friends out there, test them out first with smelling rotten milk. It works, I say. It works! :)



1. My violin lesson teaching roommate moved out! Hence, I no longer need to move.

2. I get sustained to my new calling tomorrow, at which point I will inform you what it actually is. 

3. I need to find motivation to do something I really, really don't want to do. How do I do that? Any ideas would be helpful. kthanksbye.


This just in ...

I got a new calling in my ward.

Third time's a charm ... right? :/

In brighter news, check out the countdown under the title of the blog. Holy excitement, Batman!
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