I'm injured. Again.

Why does my Achilles tendon hate me?

Actually, it's the thin sheath around my tendon.

Achilles Tenosynovitis is the medical term.

While I currently cannot run {and haven't been able for quite sometime}... I think I am still running the half marathon in two weeks.

And yup, my longest run this summer was five miles about two months ago. I haven't actually gone on a run since that one ... But I can run the half. Yup. I can.

Watch me {actually, don't watch me ... I will look exhausted, out of shape, and near death}. But I shall do it. Probably in a cute pink tank top too.


Meg said...

As long as your tank top is cute, no one will ever notice how near death you are, right? :)

Burke and Emily Adams said...

You're welcome to come run with the Bush ladies! Chelsea, Cassie and I are all in on the race...and I just ran 12 miles with Cassie this morning...and I forgot that I'm not a long distance runner...and I wanted to die. Still hurting, but excited to compete! So all that to say...do it! :)

Ruth Emmett said...

Oh you totally got this half marathon Mindy! I'm sure your cute pink tank top will carry you strong through the end:) You are so amazing for running it! Good Luck!

The Allred Family said...

Injuries stink, really bad. It sounds like we have similar training habits too. Fortunately though both of my achilles tendons still like me, but my left ITB hates me very much.

Kristin said...

One of my running buds had the same injury! Strangely it was one ofr those boots that holds your foot in a flewed position all night that did the best for his recovery.

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