I'm a little bit picky ...

with confirmed Facebook friends. Now, if any of you have taken a gander at the number I have {914} ... you might be a bit skeptical. But really, not too long ago I purged over 200 Facebook "friends."

I get requests often from people that I knew in high school or middle school ... that I never talked to while in high school or middle school. Pray tell, why would I talk to you on Facebook if I never talked to you in person?

I also get requests from people I.do.not.know.at.all.

Uhm, no thanks.

However, the Facebook friend request drama {to confirm or not to confirm!?} reached new heights the other day when I got this friend request in my inbox:


Did I or did I not just post this several weeks ago?

Speaking of Golden Corral reminded me of this Facebook status ... "Note to self:
having surgery and giving blood in the same week is a bad Idea!! Blacked out in
Golden Corral!" Naturally, I responded with, "Your problem wasn't the surgery or
the giving blood ... It was the fact that you were at Golden Corral! I would
black out there too! Who wouldn't? ;)" ... Some might say there was no sympathy
in that response and I would answer them with, you're right. It's Golden Corral,
Why, yes ... Yes, I did.
So, with much regret {read as none} I must inform Golden Corral, "Thanks, but no thanks. I will not be your Facebook friend for two reasons: 1. You are not a human and 2. I loathe you. But really, thanks for asking."

Now, why do I post this? To let you know that maybe, just maybe if you are lucky enough, non-humans will want to be your friends on Facebook too.

Jealous much? Maybe you should be. Just sayin'.


Olivia said...

Mindy you rule and your blog rules and hopefully that means I rule because I read your blog.

Kat said...

Facebook is wierd, and random. I used to hate it, and I never even had a facebook page until I got married. Then I took over my husband's facebook and made it "ours." Presh, huh? I rarely use it, but recently I've decided to post pictures of all my exciting adventures so people can look at me and be super jealous of my awesome life and want to be me.

Andrea said...

i always think that my love hate relationship that i have with facebook will somehow change - but nope you have brought up yet another reason i have a love hate relationship and not a pure hate or love.
thank you for being my friend on facebook and not ignoring me or purging me on your recent spring cleaning.
the end.

Meg said...

The whole friend-everyone-you-ever-even-knew-slightly thing is one of the major reasons I don't care to join facebook. It doesn't make sense to me. And, why in the world does Golden Corral Logan even have a facebook page? Really? That doesn't make sense to me, either. I just don't get facebook.

Kristin said...

I don't like beign friends with ppl. from work fyi. I don't like my work ppl to know when I'm on FB or the dorky thigs I post in my non-professional life. Jsut wanted to share.

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