I have a client at work that does not like to get into his parents' car when it time to go home. On many occasions it has taken seven staff, plus the client's father to get him in the car. And even then, he sometimes jumps out as the car is driving off.

Same client loves snow cones.

One staff smartly suggested us providing said client with a snow cone as incentive {read as bribery} to get him into the car. Said staff informed me that for our summer program earlier that week had had snow cones ... ice had been crushed and there was even some snow cone syrup left over.

All sounded great. Definitely worth a try.

Until I was informed I would be the one making the concoction.

But I was assured that it wouldn't be that difficult. Put crushed ice into cup. Pour syrup over ice. Add spoon.

The end.

I pulled out the BUBBLE GUM flavor.


What color would you fancy that to be?

Let's get a closer look.

Yup. Brown bubble gum snow cone syrup.

I thought maybe after I mixed it up a bit it would look more pink-ish.


Not quite sure what I did wrong. It apparently was pink when other staff made it.

So, yup ... I am still the most domestic person I know.

Always have been. Always will be.

Oh, and the client? He pushed it away and tried to dump it out.

Surprise, surprise, no?

And, no. He did not get in his dad's car either.

And, yes. I just ate third dinner.

And, although you cannot see it, the shirt I am wearing in the photo is the one from the girls' section at Old Navy. Word.


Allison and Josh said...

haha! That is a horrible color for a bubble gum snow cone! And your shirt, I love it. LOVE IT! Maybe I'll have to pay a visit to the little girl's section at Old Navy soon! I did buy a cute sweater in the girls department at TJ MAXX last week!

Mike said...

That is the nastiest looking snow cone I have ever seen. Wow. I'll do my best to think of you while I'm in Disneyland this week!

Susan said...

The irony--if anyone would get a flavor that is universally PINK come out brown, it would be you, the queen of pink. Love it!

whitneybballs said...

Oh Mindy! I love this and you. You make me laugh. Hard.

Meg said...

I have never tried to make a snow cone. It must be hard. :)

Kristin said...

why can't the scnow cone be the color of your shirt? Ew. And I know you love pink, so this must have been extra upsetting for you.

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