I might be a brat ...

As previously mentioned ... I am looking to move.


For someone who didn't move at all the first 13 years of her life ... 10 times in the last six seems a bit much.

Until I was 22 I had never had a roommate {unless you count Tiffy-wiffy-poo-poo-pants when we were youngins, but even that was a brief stint}. In the last six years I have had 17 rommmates {with one of those being the same person for over four years}.

I know, I know ... "Enough with the random numbers, Mindy! What is your point?"

My point is actually this ... said over-four-year-roommate and I went around Logan looking for either a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment for myself {she will not be moving with me ... I guess the violin lessons don't make her want to poke her eyeballs out like me} ... I never knew of the extreme dumpiness of apartments available in Logan, Utah.

In fact, I am a little bit heated over it ... Ready for another tirade? :)

It bothers me that these landlords {truth be told, it is primarily one ... who has over 200 tenants in town} have absolutely no pride in their properties. It bothers me that they don't even care to try and make the living conditions even somewhat pleasant. It disheartens me that there are people who don't know that there is better out there and attempt to seek it.

Honestly, I looked at several places that were twice as much as what I am paying now {and about a fourth of the size of my currently place, or smaller!} and it wasn't that they were old or just needed a cleaning ... they were utterly disgusting. I feel badly for people who have no other choice than to live in those kinds of conditions ... but I am IRATE that the persons responsible choose to allow those conditions to exist.

AND, if you are charging $425 for a studio apartment that is barely large enough to fit a bed in it, you have the financial means to keep that little studio in the most tip-top shape in Logan!

I also must say if you have too many rentals to actually show someone around, then maybe you have too many rentals.

After my little jaunt of apartment hunting I said to my roommate, "I must be a high maintenance snob. Seriously, they couldn't PAY me to live here." She disagreed with the statement because she agreed with the shockingly horrific conditions we saw.

I wanted to take some photos just to give you an idea {too badly I cannot include the smells}.

This first one is the entry way to some studio apartments. For the love, just put tile in! Poorly nailing plastic on top of the already disgusting carpet does not keep anything clean ... in fact, it just allows for more filth to accumulate and get moldy and all nastified.

And inside?

Uhm, ho-k.

And the window ...

Really, I might just be a snob. But ghetto-much??? This photo captures a scene of someone either jumping to their death out this window or being pushed to the same fate.

This one isn't so much disgusting ... but if this woman comes with the apartment, thank but no thanks.

And the actual kicker of having to say no to this one is the size of this closet ....

Do we think Mindy's clothes would fit in there? {Actually, the nastiness of this studio was too grotesque to photograph. No lie. Unless you like to see things in toilets that shouldn't be}.

The next place was probably the worst I saw ... check out this entrance {cigarette butts all along the stairway}.

And to the side of the stairway to hell ...

I am pretty sure I could be killed right there ... at least a Lifetime movie could be made about my tragic life death, no? :)

Continuing onward into the complex ...

The long, dumpy, dingy hallways make me think they could belong in a horror film where some tragic girl is running away from her attacker but the hallways just keep going, and going. This place, more so than all others, is where I wish I could collect the smell and allow my fellow blog readers to get a taste of what I experienced.



I am gagging now just thinking of it.

No lie.

Oh, and lest we forget the unphotographed place that had a plunger on the living room floor. I am sorry, but I do not want something that has been in the toilet on my living room carpet. Mm-k? Thanks.

And so, the search of a livable apartment continues.

Needlessly to say, I shall keep you updated.

P.s. If I have offended anyone in any way, shape or form, for any reason {particularly if you live/own in these locations or live/own rentals with conditions similar to these or SMELL like these ... I do apologize-ish}. :)


Erica said...

Wow! That is bad! And I love that you tagged the post "Mindy is a snob." I do.

Andrea said...

ooooooooo those are pretty bad. good luck with the hunting.

Meg said...

I had a studio apartment in Logan. The conditions weren't that bad, really. It was small, but it was clean. The real problem with it was the landlord -- he lived right next door and was MAJORLY nosy. I knew tons of things about my neighbors that I didn't really need to know. I tried to tell him as little as possible about me because I'm sure that everything he knew was passed on to all his other renters. I was relieved when I finally got out of that situation, although I greatly missed living alone.

Ruth Emmett said...

K so is that last place the apartments above the Book Table? Ha ha I totally looked at those once too and they completely freaked me out! I hope you find something a million times better:)

Allred Mom said...

I am totally amazed that they felt like they could even show you those places! There must be tons better than that!

Maybe you need to move to Provo! lol

Mellie said...

Oh my gosh I HATE looking for apartments, I know exactly how you feel! We have moved five times in the last 3 years, and we've come across some really terrible places while searching for apts.

Susan said...

I think I know where one of those apartments is...I used to work in the store underneath it and I always felt badly for the people who had to live there. ):

Shan said...

If you are a snob, then so am I because those were NASTY!

Michelle said...

Wow. Disgusting. Wow. Apartment hunting is no fun! You may want to try calling Norm Thompson (you can find his # in the phone book). He is our landlord and he takes really good care of his apartments. He may have something available. I know most of his apts are 2 bedroom, but they are very reasonably priced. Good luck!

McCall and Eric said...

NASTY! Wow. I am sorry you had to go into these gross places! Good luck! I'll let you know if I hear of anything!

Tom Grover said...

What is your budget?

If you are only willing to spend $400-$500 a month, then yeah, you're going to live in a dive. That's the free market at work.

My experience as a renter in Logan is that if you're willing to pony up at least $600 (which is still really cheap rent), you can get a nice, well kept, new 2 bedroom unit.

You should look in the northwest part of Logan. There are a lot of newer apartments there. In fact, there is a surplus. You could probably negotiate yourself a really nice deal in this economy.

Even below Old Main there are some great places to rent. That neighborhood is great because of the beautiful mature trees and close proximity to pretty much everything. We lived in a really nice fourplex on 5th North before we moved out of state (and only paid $400/mo). The only problem with this neighborhood is that you might get harassed by Logan City on parking and other issues.

Anyway, you get what you pay for. That's the beauty of the country we live in.

Good luck.

Our Little Fam said...

I am pretty sure I looked at those apartments, when we were living up there! And I totally know the SMELL!! HA HA! Good luck. There are some good ones out there, we found them, but took a lot of looking!

Kat said...

sick sick sick sick sick!!! Oh my goodness that is TERRIBLE. I'm sure people live in worse, but that is so disgusting! No, people COULDN'T pay you OR ME to live in a place like those! Barf-o-rama!!

Kristin said...

EW!!!! Things I love in this post;

The freaky painting mad me laugh out loud so hard!

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