I have like 10 things ...

I want to blog about.

But I have been insanely busy and when all is said and done for the day, the last thing I want to do is upload pictures and talk about them.

However, there are some things I want to blog about that I feel need to be done like now {or at the beginning of this week}. So the longer I hold off, the further away we are from now or the beginning of this week. Does this paragraph make sense?

Also, I think I have made an executive decision about the half marathon that takes place tomorrow ...

Even though I am injured and have not been able to run at all in August and my longest run this entire summer was five miles back in June ... I am in.

Well, I was in ... Until I woke up this morning with Mr. Achilles griping at me more than it has in three weeks.


If I ran the little bugger I am not even sure I could finish ... I fear Mr. Achilles will give out and I would somehow have to contact my mama to come pick me up.

Yet ... I think I am still able to be persuaded ... What think ye?

Should I run? With angry Mr. Achilles? Or just give him a longer break than he's already gotten?

My decision will be based upon the response I get on this blog.

No pressure.

Peace out, boy scout {P.s. My mom evidently does not enjoy it when I say this to her ... she says she has never been a boy scout and never will be ... something to do with not being a boy? She even threatened giving me some man-related nickname. Bring it, Mom. Bring it}.


Danelle and Alex said...

My Achilles is hurting reading your post. I don't know what kind of hurt you are in, but if you try you can always quit and say you tried. But if you don't try then your not a quitter right? I don't know haha! Good luck deciding though!

Griffin Family said...

I say heal. No need to injure yourself even more. Give it time and then come back slowly. Most likely you won't be happy with how you race anyway since you haven't been able to train. You know yourself best though. Good luck deciding:).

Ruth Emmett said...

Mindy don't run! Let it heal or you will make it worse and the race won't even be enjoyable (not that running 13 miles is enjoyable WITHOUT an injury:)

Kristin said...

I hugely support that you didn't run. Rough choice, but best really.

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